So, reportedly, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are going to reunite at Madonna’s Los Angeles Show as part of the Sweet and Sticky Tour tomorrow.  Apparently, Ryan Seacrest leaked it to KIIS-FM Radio Station that this reunion is in fact gonna happen.  Ryan would seem to be a pretty good source, so I am officially a hater!  I get so tired of seeing other people get the benefits of freebies!  When I buy a ticket to see Madonna, that is who I see in Concert and only Madonna.  And I am pretty much satisfied.  But when I hear that JT and BS are randomly showing up, I can’t help but feel a little pissed that I never seem to be at these concerts where other stars show up.  Okay, I gotta focus.  Anyway, Britney must be feeling pretty good to take the stage with two past loves!  4 minutes should rock.