Last week we said goodbye to Chuck Liddell.  Tonight’s Disco Group dance will challenge the Stars to a higher level.  All stars will dance two dances (The Paso Doble and The Argentine Tango) tonight for the first time in the competition.  Another change tonight, Maks will dance in place of Derek who has the flu.  (I wasn’t able to find all of the performances, but will add them tomorrow).

Natalie and Alec.  Last week their ambitious Bolero left Carrie wanting more.   This week,  Alec  really challenged Natalie to use the fierce competition of an Olympic Swimmer to find her inner passion for their dance.  Tonight they danced the Paso Doble.  Hmm….I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  I think Natalie did pretty good, but this performance is just not as fierce as I would like to see it.  There is really no excitement.  I like their outfits though….  Len started with compliments (bad sign).  He thought she needs to work on the character and the dance needs passion.   Bruno thought the dance didn’t have any conviction, didn’t speak of Spain.  Carrie Ann called a lift (Alec was looking at her like she was crazy), but she thought that they did fairly well, even though there is room for improvement.  (MAC-6), Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Bruno-7=22


Aaron and Karina.  Last week, Aaron almost went bye bye, so I’m sure he knows that he will need to bring it tonight. I’m hoping he does well, because he looked horrified at the thought of getting sent home.   Aaron’s feelings were a little hurt by Carrie ann’s words, so inspite of his youthful goofiness, he going to try to channel his sexiness.  Tonight they danced the Argentine Tango.  Surprisingly, Aaron is incredibly into character, I don’t know if he brings that smoldering sexy swagger to the dance (Cody was able to) and I also think that this choreography was just okay (dammit if Latoya J isn’t there again).   But I guess I’m the only one not blown away!   Bruno liked that Aaron’s performance and compared him to Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight’ (seriously?).  Carrie Ann gave him kisses of forgiveness.  Len enjoyed his dance and rambled on about Aaron being his Prodigal son coming home. (MAC-7) Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8=24

Michael and Anna.  Last week, Michael’s Bolero really disappointed the Judges.  Michael is hoping to draw of his passion and intensity from being a football player and bring that aggression into his dance tonight.  During practice,  Anna said that to get the moves right, Michael has to hold his butt cheeks tight as if he is holding a coin between them.  To prove that he is dedicated, he put a nickle between his butt cheeks and proceeded to continue practicing (he was able to really balance it for a while).   Now that is some funny stuff.  I’m really hoping that he didn’t pick that nickel up after dropping it.  I’m loving thier Paso Doble.  They are totally in character and they have great music as well.  Carrie Ann said it was her favorite dance from him.  Len loved the movements.  Bruno encouraged him to keep the nickel in his butt (that just doesn’t sound right) to which Michael gave him a nickel to keep as a souvenir.  I’m really hoping that is just a random nickel or if it is the same one, that it got washed after the use……ewww.   (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7=21

Mya and Dmitry.  Last week, Mya’s Lambada had Bruno having x-rated  thoughts.  Tonight they will dance  the Argentine Tango.  In practice, Mya kept kicking him in his genitals, so he decided that they needed to get out of the studio, get some air….. and go work on some houses with Habitat for Humanity?  This must be the new thing on DWTS- Each week, one of the couples does some giving back to society act.  I like it.  Tonight their Tango was an Excellent dance.  They just excel at every dance each week.  The movements are so precise and it must be good, because Len actually liked it.  Bruno thought it was precise and wonderful.  He advised her to keep the emotional connection that they usually have.  Carrie Ann agreed that the emotional connection was missing althought the dance was very good.  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9=27.

Mark and Lacey.  Last week, Mark’s 2-step was the best of the dance in the evening.  Mark is struggling to get more aggressive with his movements.  He would really like to break out and be a front runner in this competition.  In an effort to do spotlight Mark’s abilities, Lacey is giving him a solo to give him the chance to stand out.  Tonight, they danced the Paso Doble.  I like their entrance.  I think that Mark was pretty succesful at channeling the character of the dance.  Very aggressive and Manly!  I  really enjoyed this Paso Doble. The men are really bringing it tonight.   Bruno thought that that Mark was on it!  Carrie Ann tought that he was in his Power.  Len thought he had passion, performance and Power (wow).    Mark revealed that his secret was to think of Lacey as a beautiful bull…. (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-9, Len-9 (I’m thinking Len got some this week), Bruno-8=26.


Donny and Kym.   Last week, he was cautioned to control the theatrical element in his dancing and get more sharper with his movements.  In practice, Kym told him to get in touch with his inner passion and I guess it worked!  They danced the Argentine Tango.   I thought that Donny nailed this one.  He is totally in character and he totally controlled his Showman’s nature.  Go Donny! For a man who is learning dances with DWTS while he is is also performing in Vegas with Sister Marie, he was unbelievable!  And Sexy!  Carrie Ann said that the Argentine Tango loved Donny!  And so do women all over America.  She’s right, I loved Donny tonight!  Len loved the intensity of the dance and he thought it was truly his best dance.  Bruno said that Finally, Donny Osmond is turning into Donny Darkly.  Bruno and Donny shared another moment and I will leave it at that.  (MAC-10), Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10=29  Donny takes the lead!!!


Louie and Vito.  Last week, their two step just didn’t work at all and Len was really unsatisfied and a little confused as well.  They really want to show the passion that they have in their dance.  He really needs to be sexy and hot.  Good luck Louie.  They danced the Argentine Tango.  Another winner.  Louie had the style and character down.  He is such a cute little growup version of an oompa loompa!  I liked his dance alot.  Len said that he wasn’t expecting alot and he was so pleasantly surprised.  He set the mood for his best dance yet.  Bruno thought it was great storytelling.  He is still stepping through his dances though and he needs to dance.  Carrie Ann thought it was a little pedestrian (walking through most of it), but he partners her well (that’s because they are ‘partnering’ often on screen and off).  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann- 7, len-8, Bruno-7=22

Melissa and Mark.  Last week, Melissa’s Charleston was her breakthrough dance.  This week, they were really were challenged as Mark also had flu issues.  Anna stood in for him one day and gave her some female pointers (gotta keep the boobies up).  They danced the Aregentine Tango.  Melissa definitely has her game face on.  I wasn’t as impressed with her Tango though as others that we have seen tonight.  I didn’t feel the passion.   Bruno warned her that she lost it a few times and that she lost her character.  Carrie Ann disagreed.  She thought she nailed the character.  She did have a few stumbles, but she did well. Len thought it lacked the seduction, but she coped with the difficult choreography well.  (MAC- 7), Carrie Ann- 8, Len–8, Bruno-7= 23

Kelly and Louis.    Last week they sparkled with their Charleston.  Louis believes that if Kelly can do great if she learns to control her giggling and get serious. They danced the Paso Doble.  They are dancing to her Daddy’s song ‘Crazy Train’  I think that she did the movements well, but I honestly don’t think that this music worked for the Paso Doble.  I love that passionate and sexy music for the Paso Doble, but even so, I thought their dance was well done.  Daddy Ozzie is out his seat clapping for his daughter.  Carrie Ann loved watching Ozzie’s daughter dance to his music.  But warned again, that Kelly needs to shake the nervousness.  Len wants her to get the character of the dance and he thought that she did well.  Bruno thought she did well, but would like to see her stay with it and not lose the character.   Who is that Blond kid sitting with Ozzie or Sharon all the time.  Is that Kelly’s boyfriend?  (MAC-7) Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8=24

Joanna and Maks.  Last week, Joanna’s luscious lambada was a pleaser.  But shortly after Derek got sick and Maks had to come in as a replacement.  What a nice replacement.  Maks really liked the way that she picked up the choreography and that she didn’t talk too much.  They danced the Argentine Tango.  This was a good Tango, however, Max lost his footing a little after Joanna stumbled.  Derek is home cursing the screen right now.  I hope they don’t penalize her for that, because up until that moment, it was a good dance.  Bruno  loved the dance until the stumble.  Len thought that they did a great job.  Carrie Ann thought she would like to see her move her hips a little bit more.  Oh Derek is actually there.  Good to see him up and about.  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8=24

The Group Hustle Dance.  Corky Ballas is the Choreographer and he has on an outfit straight from Mike Brady’s closet.  It was interesting to watch everyone practice together.  Hilarious.  Nice, Derek is there and able to dance (just in time to drop Natalie in practice) and eww something flew out of Louis’ nose into Kelly’s mouth….disgusting. 

The actual dance was just good fun!  I think that Mya, Aaron and Mark were standouts!  Len thought that Aaron and Mark were standouts.

The bottom two should be (if based on tonight’s performances) Natalie and Melissa.