Last Night, Dancing with the Stars brought out great performances from our Stars.  And Len who was in a good mood for the first time.  Tonight the Dancers will perform a tribute to the late Great King of Pop Michael Jackson who has been such a huge influence in the dance world.

 A quick recap of last night’s highlights!  The Hustle was in the house for the group dance (this one will probably never be forgotten).  The performances were a mixed bag.

Melissa failed to bring the heat in the Argentine tango.  No sex at all.  Aaron was Suave Bola on the Dance floor with his Tango.  Mya pleased Len with his Argentine Tango.  Natalie’s Paso Doble didn’t have any heart.  Joanna’ Tango was a misstep.  Michael’s Paso Doble was his best dance so far.  Louie’s Tango paid off for him.  Kelly tied her best score despite a hurt ankle (turned out to be a sprained ankle and a contusion) with Dad nursing her back stage.  Mark’s powerful Paso Doble had it all.  Donny’s Tango took him to the top of the score board. 

 8 point seperate the top core from the bottom score.  At this point, it is anyone’s guess who is going home.

Donny got the nod to repeat his ‘Dark’ Tango which was just as pleasing the second time.

As aforementioned, the dancers will perform a  ‘Michael Jackson tribute’ tonight.  Michael’s music as used 17 times  in DWTS’ history.  The Pros will reflect throughout tonight’s show on the times that the King’s music was the perfect accomplice for DWTS.   Louis reflected on a performance to   with Monique Coleman. 


Norah Jones sang new song ‘It’s gonna be’.  I could only find a partial clip of this one, but I love this song!

Reflections from the Stars about who they really believe is their competition.    I think Mya should be the biggest threat, but even though she is a great dancer, I don’t get the feeling that she is a real crowd favorite….Len’s influence? 


Mark and Lacey are safe!  So are Donny and Kym & Mya and Dmitry.  Not a big shocker, they all have the highest scores. 

Next Michael Jackson clip: Mark’s dance to PYT with Shawn Johnson and his reflections about how he felt performing to Michael Jackson.  You can really tell that Mark grew up trying to be Michael Jackson!  He puts his all into his moves!  Michael’s Mother Katherine, sister Latoya and Jermaine are present to say a few words about The King of Pop as well.


Joanna and Derek are in jeopardy (now that is a shocker and I’m not being sarcastic),  Kelly and Louis are safe. But Aaron and Karina are in jeopardy

 Another reflection: Warren Sapp and  Kym Johnson danced to ‘Blame it on the Boogie.  I just thought htis was the perfect song to accompany always light on his feet Warren Sapp. 

The Lowest scoring male and female stars are Michael and Natalie.   Crowd favorite Michael and Anna are safe while Natalie and Alec are in jeopardy.

 Norah Jones returned to sing my favorite song ‘Come away with me’.  Nice touch her playing with the guitar.


Louie and Chelsie are safe!  Melissa and Mark are in jeopardy. 

 The Macy’s Performance Tribute to Michael Jackson started with Jermaine Jackson saying words about his brother.  He was followed by Latoya and the rest of the Pro Dancers.  Even though this is a tribute to Michael and it is nice that his family is there, Latoya and Jermaine are distractions for me.  His hair always makes me wonder….why and Latoya just enjoys being on stage at all times.  I will stop there, because that is their brother and I know that they loved him most.    Anyway, I’m glad that his Mother is there, it makes me believe when Latoya says that Michael really loved DWTS.

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Final Eliminations:

It is down to Joanna and Derek, Karina and Aaron, Natalie and Alec & Melissa and Mark  rounding out the bottom 4.

 Melissa and Mark & Joanna and Derek are safe!  I seriously cannot see Derek going home so early.  

It is down to Aaron and Karina & Alec and Joanna.  Personally, I would like to see Aaron stay, partly because I think he has potential, but also because he looks like he is going to collapse if they say his name. 

Aaron can breathe again, because it is Natalie  and Alec who are going home tonight.