I only wish that I was able to see the beginning of this clip!  I’m not sure how or who decided to put Nene on a clip to tell it like it is about Michael Lohan and his bad parenting skills, but whoever that person was….even they didn’t know that the two would put on such a show!  From what I heard, it sounded like Nene was telling Michael everything that everyone has been thinking about him being a Stage Dad, but you know her delivery is over the top!  Michael responded by being insulting and encouraging Nene to be the latest consultant participant in Nutri-System.  After the scene, Michael issued an apology, I can’t wait to see Nene’s response!  I think she is going to tear Michael a new one very soon and he knows it too which is why he came with the apology so quickly.


Michael Lohan Apologizes to NeNe Leakes 

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan has issued an apology following his heated face-off with NeNe Leakes of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Wednesday’s “The Insider.”

“I apologize to the producers of [“The Insider”], the viewers and even Miss Leakes for coming back at her, for her attack on me, in the inappropriate manner I did. I do however wish I had known she was on the panel because then I would have known what I was in for and I would have handled things differently.

“To begin with, she may have children, but none in a crisis situation. Second, for her to call me a broke ass when I am not, but she had a house in foreclosure and 2 cars repoed [sic], I would have addressed that as well.

“This show was about helping my daughter and owning up to my part of her life and why I have taken these measures. Not a personal attack on Lindsay or me. I am sorry for my conduct and I hope Ms. Leakes is for hers.”

 photos: bvnewswire, The Insider