The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Finale was unbelievable!

Overall, I thought this was a really good episode.  Everyone kind of had their moment and they handled it well…..except Nene!

We all had heard about Lisa and Ed losing their home, but of course we just got the gossip version of it.  I like how they handled this subject on the show and it made sense.  Because Ed was cut from the NFL, they have to restructure their lives and be responsible and not wait for the economy to hit them. As I looked at their ‘downsize’ home that Ed owned and lived in before they got married, I realized that they will be okay.  When they downsize, they move to another mansion.  I downsize….I’m in a one bedroom apartment.

Nene’s situation with her father appears to have her on edge.  She honestly cannot understand why Gregory was a little irritated that Nene met her real Father without his knowledge.  I can understand Gregory’s concern, because what does this new Dad want now?  Where has he been, when clearly he knew where his daughter was.  So this is a good conversation for the two of them to have, what I dont understand is why they are having this conversation with their son present?  He’s looking like what in the surrogate father hell is going on here?  After her conversation with Gregory, Nene had a pow wow with Lisa and hoped that she would be on her side and agree that she should continue pursuing her relationship with her Dad behind her husband’s back.  I hope that Nene takes it to heart and takes Lisa’s advice that this is not a good ideal.  She should really listen to Lisa, because if there is anyone who knows how to make a relationship work it Lisa.  This girl could do seminars on how to keep you man!  She’s supportive, listens, makes her hubby feel like she values his opinion and most of all, she respects her Man.

Kandi and AJ hosted Mother’s Day for their family.  Of course this is really weird watching AJ and he is no longer with us.   AJ’s Mother was mean mugging  AJ,  but she surprised me and AJ by having a sit down with him and acknowledged their difficult times, but she  appreciates that he is making her daughter happy and they can work on changing and improving their relationship.  I am really happy that she had that conversation with AJ, because before I saw that I was thinking that after his death she must have felt like 2 cents.  Later, Kandi and AJ checked out places to have have their Wedding Reception.  I know that watching this now, must be very difficult for Kandi!

Kim spent some time with her stylist and that was interesting.  She needs a stylist to help her pick out what she will wear to Sheree’s Fashion Show.   I’m always stuck on how this girl throws around money…just how much money does Big Papa have anyway?  And Nene is right, I am totally embarrassed for her running around saying that she is engaged….how are you going to be engaged to a married man? As she told her Stylist about her engagement, I was really embarrassed for her.   Kim ran her mouth like she usually does talking about everyone’s business.  She threw a few daggers at Lisa having no taste (with her Fashion line).  I mean after the show wraps, they all watch the episodes, so Lisa will have seen this by the time of the reunion, right?  I don’t get it.  Anyway,  She has some anxiety about telling Nene that she doesn’t want her on her song.  I’m actually not mad about her not wanting Nene to be on Tardy party.  They don’t get along, so why drag it out?  If Nene put on a wig and mocked me in front of my friends, I wouldn’t fool with her.

Kim and Nene had a run in that resulted in a fight.  We learn about this fight as through conversations between Nene telling Dwight about it and Kim telling Kandi.  It looks like  the sh** really hit the fan.  Things went all bad when Kim slapped Nene’s hand when she put it in her face.  It was on after that and Nene started choking Kim  Dr. Nene has solved the problem and diagnosed Kim with a Mental disorder.  Dwight’s face was stuck in shock and botox as he realized that Nene did in fact hit Kim.

After the drama between Kim and Nene, Kim decided that the two of them should meet at her home and discuss this matter.  Are you serious Kimmy?  You don’t even have back up in the privacy in your home.  She thinks that as  ‘ladies’, they should be able to come to a mutual agreement.  As the script read, they got into an argument about the fight.  Nene wants Kim to admit that she put her hands on her.  This is interesting, because it sounds like Kim is admitting that she slapped her hand out of her face, but Nene is talking so loud that I guess she can’t hear her.  I wish Nene would finish a conversation without feeling the need to get loud and then leave and escape.  I really wanted to hear what Nene thought that Kim did that she wasn’t admitting to, because what Kim was saying sounded like what Nene described to Dwight earlier….I’m just saying….

I know that is just a moment of time before Sheree goes off on Dwight.  He is taking complete control and trying to act like it is Dwight’s Fashion show.  I don’t have Sheree’s temper and he is getting on my nerves.  I think that he obviously went to the same school of Event Planning that the other guy (who gonna check me boo) went to, because he is totally not taking any consideration into what Sheree wants.  Sheree is as nervous as she can be after her fiasco last year.  She is thinking less is more while Dwight wants to give it everything that he can.  Dwight and Sheree surprised me when they didn’t get into it and everything went smooth as can be.  There was a little tension when Sheree thought that she had time to go out and get her hair done, which was a bad ideal and such a late hour.  Sheree took Dwight’s suggestion and allowed his people to do her hair.  Good!  Lisa took the high route and came to Sheree’s event even though she missed hers.  Nene came although she is still really angry about their earlier conversation.  Acually all of the ladies are there.

I think that Nene is really on one.  She has got a bunch of stuff going on.  Maybe she is trying to give her everything for the finale, I don’t know.  Nene went to Kandi and wanted her to apologize to her for their last interaction.  What is wrong with Nene tonight?  Their last argument, even Judge Judy would agree that Nene is the one who needs to be apologizing to Kandy.  I think that she is really on edge about meeting her father and it is showing in every interaction that she has.  I also think that maybe she had some flashback stuff from her abuse from her past relationships when Kim put her hand in her face.  I am giving her the benefit of the doubt

I notice that  Kim is loud talking about Nene.  Why does she do that?  Kim has a bad habit of speaking without thinking.  Sometimes, it is really good to just think about things and not say anything, especially when it wouldn’t take anything for Nene tol finish choking  her if she is allowed.

I was impressed with Sheree’s Fashion Show.  I thought that they did well and I guess all of Dwight’s tight control really payed off.  Good Job Sheree and Dwight!  Happy for her!