Dancing with the Stars is down to 9 stars.  This week starts off  two weeks of double eliminations.  Tonight the Stars will be dancing the Jitterbug  or the Waltz.  Also, the competition is definitely on!  There will be a Dancing Mambo Marathon where the contestants will be knocked off one by one.

Mya and DMitry.  Mya’s Argentine Tango was lacking emotion last week.  In practice,  Mya really tried to capture the fun and the emotion of her dance.  Mya’s body was really taking a beating, so she had to stop and get a massage.  It must be great to be rich.  Tonight, they danced the Jitterbug.  They started with a skit, which is interesting to me, because I think that everyone knows that Len marks down for skits 9 out of 10 times.  Does DMitry think that he will change Len’s mind?  Don’t think so.  I think that they executed the moves well, but this dance didn’t have any excitement for me.  Maybe the music…… Len thought they wasted time with the skit and he would have liked to have seen a better use of their time.  Bruno thought that her timing  and performance was great and performance great.  Carrie thought that the performance was soft and muted although they did a good job with the moves.  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann-7, Bruno-9=24. 


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Melissa and Mark.  Last week, her Argentine Tango lost the judges, so she is hoping htat she finds them this wee.  Mark brought his Mother Shirley Ballas in to help coach her and she was tougher than her son.  I think that Melissa could have benefitted from another day with Mama Shirley.  Again, this dance didn’t do much for me.  She stumbled a little and it was a little like watching paint dry….it’s pretty, but I probably could have just had a V-8.  Bruno flat out said that it wasn’t good,  Her posture was bad, no musicality and there was no flow.  Carrie Ann complimented her for keeping her ‘puppies’ up, but the dance felt rigid and like she was just doing what she was told to do.  Of course,  Len is giving out compliments, since no one else is.  He noted some problems with technique, but he felt the other judges were a little harsh…seriously?  (MAC-6), Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-6=20

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Mark and Lacey.  Last week, Mark scored his biggest score with his Paso Doble.  Mark has to stand out, so he will be doing the kicks and flips.  Mark is super serious when he learns new things, so Lacey took him to a jitterbug club (where are these places at) to get him in the right vibe.  Tonight, Mark and Lacey really gelled.  I enjoyed their energetic Jitterbug.  Lacey truly choreographed a dance that played to his strengths.  Best dance of the night indeed.  Carrie Ann is dancing in her seat and she loved it.  Although she noted a slight stumble.  Len thought the dance had it all and it was full of energy.  Bruno loved it although he did also pointed out that he lost some time as well.   (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-8=26

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Aaron and Karina.  Last week, Aaron’s Tango truly put him on top with the Judges, but he had a difficult time understanding how he landed in the bottom 2 two weeks in a row.  In practice, he came in a suit to show his dedication to the dance.  Tonight, they danced the Waltz.  I agree with Karina, it appears that the Waltz agrees more with Aaron.  He just looks like he is concentrating so hard, but I thought he did well.  He has to learn to have fun when he dances.  Len thought he danced with maturity, good frame and that there was great connection between the two of them.  He also thought that it was his best dance and he’s proud of him.  Bruno said the boy has become a gentleman.  Excellent posture and good musicality.  Good.  Carrie Ann thought it was beautiful, she loved that he did a spin , because usually men don’t.  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-8=25

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Michael and Anna.  Their Paso Doble got Michael his best score last week.  He was overwhelmed with the support that he got from his fans, so he went on his Radio Show and Thanked his Fans and secured some more votes.  In practice, Michael was was really stressed and compared the contest to preparing for the NFL finals.  They danced the Waltz tonight.  Michael is so likeable, he could bottle it up and sell it to the other contestants.  He did a very good job.  You can tell that he is really trying.   Bruno  thought it wasn’t a premiere Waltz and his posture could be better.  He thinks that all of the performers should be doing better with week 6.  Carrie Ann pointed out a lift, but she thought that the Waltz was so impressive.  Len thought that the other 2 judges got it totally wrong.  He enjoyed all parts of it.  He thought it was really really good!  I’m beginning to think that Len really enjoys the underdog.  But I agree, this was a good dance.  (MAC-8), Carrie Ann-6, Len-8, Bruno-8=22
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Kelly and Louis.  Last week, their dance was pleasing to the Judges, but afterward she hurt her ankle and had to be taken away by ambulance.   Kelly’s low self esteem led Louis to take her out on a ‘leap of faith’ on a trapeze.  I guess he feels that if she can take this leap, she will be able to face her fears on the Dance floor.  Kelly was very resistant, but in the end, she gave in.   But will it help her dancing?  They danced the Jitterbug.  Their Jitterbug was cutesy.  But, it looked like they were tired, not high energy, like you expect in the Jitterbug.  She looked happy though.  Carrie Ann thought she had fun, but she stumbled during the dance.  Len thought it was a little bit flat footed, it lacked what the jitterbug should be.  Bruno thought it was cute and nice, but he would like to see her ignite the performance and sell the dance.  She has to allow herself to perform.  He thought everything was beige in the dance (ouch).  (MAC-7) Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Bruno-7=20

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Louie and Chelse.  Last week, Louie’s Tango was his best dance.  Hopefully, he can bring it this week as well.  The jitterbug is very difficult and it has alot of flips and tricks, so Chelsie decided that she would like to bring the similarities of his Snowboarding sport into his dance.  Their Jitterbug was pretty good.  It started out pretty well, but it definitely lost technique as it progressed. I think that he dropped her a couple of times (not good).  He does have good energy though.  Len loves his enthusiam, but he loses it as he goes.  Bruno pointed out that he loses his precision as he dances.  Loves his  great energy.  Carrie Ann loved the dance, but he dropped his partner twice. (MAC-6), Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7=21
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Joanna and Derek.  Last week, Joanna’s stumble cost her, so she is hoping to regain the Judge’s favor tonight.  In practice, Joanna struggled to maintain a strong frame and  to keep moving across the floor and make it look effortlessly.  Derek really has little patience when he coaches his partners.  He has to remind himself that she is not a pro at times.  Tonight they danced the Waltz.  Lovely performance.  I guess the difficult practice paid off.  A little bit of a glitch when they did that little flip move.  But totally FAB!!!  Bruno thought she danced like a like a beautiful butterfuly floating.  Carrie Ann thought it was beautiful, but she had a slight hesitation as she danced.  Len thought that her foot work wasn’t too great, but she had great musicality, no skits and best waltz of the night.  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, len-9, Bruno-9=26
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Donny and Kym.  Last Week, Donny nabbed the highest score with a seductive Argentine Tango.  Kym really wants to bring in all the bells and whistles to keep their lead.  They took time out and went to  Volunteered and give dance lessons.  Tonight they performed the Jitterbug.   I absolutely hate Donny’s ‘Just Jack’ costume, but that aside, I thought that their Jitterbug was great.  A lot of fun and Donny did his Osmond thing and had the crowd in the palm of his hand.  I don’t know if the dancing was that good or if Donny’s appeal is just that good.  I think he will surpass sister Marie.  Standing O!  Well deserved.  Carrie Ann noticed a stumble.  Len loves that he always gives every dance his all.  Bruno  pointed out that Donny can work a room, but he lost his timing a little bit.   (MAC-8), Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, bruno-8=24

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 Competition Mambo time. This is a for real dance off.  The first couple tapped will get 2 points and the last remaining couple will get 10.  The stars are really trying to bring their best to get that 10. 

1st couple out: Michael and Anna-2 for a total of  22 for night.  Next couple out: Louie and Chelsie- 3 for a total of 24,  Next couple out: Melissa and Mark-4 for a total of  24.  Next couple  out: Kelly and Louis- 5  for a total of  25,  Next couple: Mark and Lacey- 6  for a total of 32, Donny and Kym- 7  for a total of 31,  3rd place: Aaron and Karina- 8  for a total of  33, 2nd place: Mya and Dmitry- 9 for a total of 33, 1st place: Joanna and Derek -10 for a total of 36

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