Double Elimination Tonight and we will see the  two lowest scorers compete in a  Dance off to stay in the competition!  Last night was ultra exciting and the couples competed in the shows’  first Marathon.  

Taylor Swift opened the show off

Mya’s Jitterbug had too much gimmick to it, Melissa’s Waltz didn’t flow, Kelly’s Jitterbug was disappointing, Louie’s Jitterbug missed the mark, Donny’s Jitterbug was a pleaser, Mark’s Jitterbug had Carrie Ann singing, Aaron’s Waltz was his best dance, Michael’s Waltz got mixed reviews from the Judges, Joanna’s Waltz was beautiful.  The 1st ever Competition Mambo  earned the couples additional points and Joanna and Derek were the last couple standing.

Where the couples stand right now:

Joanna and Derek- 36

Mya and Dmitry-33

Aaron and Karina-33

Mark and Lacy- 32

Donny and Kym-31

Kelly and Louis-25

Melissa and Mark-24

Louie and Chelsie-24

Michael and Anna-22


1st couples safe: Joanna and Derek & Mark and Lacey

Next couples safe:  Donny and Kym & Aaron and Karina

Cuban Group Tiempo de Vals performed and they were excellent!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the clip for posting


Next couples safe:

Mya and DMitry & Kelly and Louis

The Bottom 3 are Michael and Anna & Louie and Chelsie & Melissa and Mark

The first couple to leave tonight is Mark and Melissa!  I didn’t see that coming.

Michael and Anna will dance off against Louie and Chelsie for the final elimination of the night

Michael and Anna danced the Samba.  Len loved the dance, very enjoyable.  Bruno also loved the crowd pleaser.  Carrie Ann thought that he did well with his big personality.

Louie and Chelsie danced The Jive.  Louie’s got heart, but I think that Michael outdanced him.  This dance is so demanding and he looked pretty tired.  Bruno appreciated the amount that they were able to put into it.  Carrie Ann and Len both thought there should have been a little more content.

Bruno picked Louie and Chelsie.  Len picked Michael and Anna.  Carrie Ann picked Michael and Anna.

So, The 2nd couple going home tonight is Louie and Chelsie