Last week, we saw our first double elimination and tomorrow night we will another double elimination.  Our 7 couples will perform their individual dance and then they will do a group dance where they will perform The Tango and the Paso Doble.  The dancers can each earn up to 30 points on top of the scores that  they earn with their individual performance.

Michael and Anna.  Last week, Michael’s Waltz won over the Judges, but he still ended up in the bottom two.  The Judges kept him alive, so Michael is detertmined to keep his spot.  In practice, Michael brought on his moves to keep him around for another performance.  This week they danced the Foxtrot.  Michael’s flair pretty much makes all of his performances work and it is that energy that the fans love.  This dance was pretty good, but even I know it could have been sharper.  Len thought that his Foxtrot was brilliant.  Bruno said that his musicality was beautiful, but he has to remember to hold that nickel between his butt cheeks (can we ever forget that).  Carrie Ann thought he was fluid and that he pulls it off even when she thinks that he can’t.  She loved it.  (MAC-8), Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-7=23

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Donny and Kym.  Last week, their Jitterbug got mixed reviews.   In practice, Kym was really worried about Donny’s posture, so she started him to on practicing with a Posture bar.  I think that most of the Pros need to incorporate this tool into their practices.  This week they danced the Quick Step.  I think that Donny did really well.  He had a few missteps, but he is so much fun to watch and the rest of the dance was so enjoyable, no one cares.  And they had great mthat really complimented the dance as well.  Bruno said that as a performer he is solid as a rock, because no one could cover up mistakes as well as him andon top of that, he sold the dance.  Carrie Ann thought it was pretty good.  He was very light on his feet, although there were mistakes.  Len thought it was a full on Quick Step.  There was mistakes, but he loved how he attacked the dance.  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8=24

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Michael and Lacey.  Michael will be performing tonight with Anna in Lacey’s absence.  Lacey is nursing the flu.  DWTS is for real an emergency room waiting to happen.  For the last few weeks, Michael has been excelling in all of his dances and he feels like they are actually Contenders.  So, it could be a huge setback that Lacey is sick.  Tony came in to help practice the routine and Anna came in to subsitute.  He had 48 hours to learn his dance tonight.  Tonight, they danced the Salsa.  Oh no…this dance didn’t work for me.  Actually, I don’t think it worked for most.  It just seemed to be doing way too much and Mark’s moves were way too exaggerated.  Carrie Ann had compassion for him, but she had to admit that this dance was a mess  that was completely disjointed with nervous energy.  Len acknowledged his tough week (not being able to have Lacey), but he didn’t find the dance terrible, but it wasn’t his best dance.  He thought he coped well.  Bruno thought it was like the Kung Fu Panda doing the Samba on the Planet of the Apes.  (where does he get these phrases from) (MAC-6), Carrie Ann-6, Len-7, Bruno-6=19 (ouch)

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Mya and Dmitry.  Last week, Mya’s jitterbug got her her lowest scores of the season.  Dmitry really wants Mya to have some fun, so he brought Cloris Leachman out to inspire Mya to unleash her inner craziness.  Okay, Cloris is giving pointers on how Mya can improve.  Hilarious.  But she was telling the truth.  This week they danced The Fox Trot.  Mya is back!  Fantabulous performance and the music was inspiring.   Apparently, not to everyone.   Len-said that he liked certain parts of the dance, but he thought the opening was a gimmick and  he doesn’t like the gimmicks.  Bruno thought that this Foxtrot perfectly captured the Hollywood glam.  Carrie Ann said that Len is officially smoking crack, because she loved this dance and their footwork was incredible.  I agree…Len must be smoking crack!  (MAC-10) Carrie Ann-9, Len-7, Bruno-9=25

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Aaron and Karina.  Last week, Aaron reveled in his successful dance last week.  In practice, Aaron really worked hard to improve his footwork for the jive.  Anna took Aaron to a Trainer for the Stars to get him  to improve.  Tonight, they danced the Jive.  Damn….I guess that workout session, really worked, because he is hella pumped and light on his feet.  I think that this dance should satisfy even Len.  Bruno loved his unstoppable momentum.  best.  Carrie Ann thought that the dance was so good, high energy and great energy.  Len thought it was wild, but clean.  Fast and controlled.  He was tempted to dust off his 10 paddle (really?  I thought that he threw that thing away).  (MAC-10), Carrie Ann-9, Len-10, Bruno-10=29

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Kelly and Louis.  Last week, Kelly’s Jitterbug was beige and uninspiring.  Kelly had a therapy session in practice and talked about the stresses that she faces in this competition.   She ended up breaking into tears, because Louis is so much tougher on her.  I was glad that Louis didn’t sugarcoat anything….he has to be tough on her to get higher scores.   Tonight, they danced the Salsa.  I think this was 10 times better than Jitterbug, but it still didn’t wow me.  Kelly does look like she is happy though.  Carrie Ann gave her a big hug.  She thought she was brilliant and unafraid of the dance.  Len got out of his seat to acknowlege how she mastered and controlled her dance.  Damn…Bruno is standing on the judge table gyrating his hips.  Down boy!  He loved that she got into the character and sold the dance.  There was a little bit of a stumble, but great! (MAC-8), Len-8, Carrie Ann-8, Bruno-8=24

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Joanna and Derek.  Last week, Joanna’s Waltz put her on top of the Scoreboard.  Derek really wants them to get in touch with their romantic side to sell their dance connection.  Tonight they danced the Rumba.  Hmm…This Rumba was just okay for me.  I definitely didn’t buy the romantic connection.  They had a few stumbles.  My son just told me he would rate this a 7 and I think he is right.  (MAC-7), The Judges see it otherwise.  Len thought it was well done, Bruno appeared pleased.  Carrie Ann said that she loves watching  Joanna dance.  I just didn’t get all that.  Please watch and let me know, did this dance blow you away?  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9=27

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Team Tango:  Joanna and Derek, Donny and Kym & Kelly and Louis

Team Paso: Mark and Anna, Aaron and Karina, Mya and Dmitry &Michael and Anna. 

Team Paso performed first.  In practice, the pros struggled with getting on the same page.  Michael took charge and encouraged them to have one heartbeat and to act like a team.  Too many egos on one dance  is hard, but it looks like they pulled it together. Mya is the only female Star there, but it looks like she can hold her own.  Bruno thought that they lost a little sync at times and that Mya and Dmitry stood out.   Carrie Ann thought that Michael and Anna redeemed themselves.  Len thought it was a good dance and congratulated Michael for helping them bringing the team together in rehearsal.  Carrie Ann=8, Bruno-8, Len-8=24.  Each contestant will get 24 points added to their score.

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Team Tango actually has a better advantage, because there are less couples and egos to contend with. And I guess that is true, because they practiced without mishap.  Donny is the only Male celebrity in this one, so he is getting some extra attention from the ladies.  Carrie loved it.  Len thought it was superior to the Paso.  Bruno loved all of their performances.   Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10=28.  These scores will definitely help Team Tango.
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The Weakest link is Michael Damascos.