The Show started off with Team Tango getting the Nod to repeat their near perfect score dance.  This was a very good routine and it got a Standing O tonight as well.

Tonight, we will have another double elimination.  It almost seems unfair that two have to go on the same night.  Quick recap of last night’s performances:

Michael ‘s foxtrot was brilliant.  Donny’s Quickstep was just okay.  Mark’s Samba was very disappointing and earned him some pretty low scores.  Mya’s Foxtrot failed to please Len (what is his deal).  Aaron’s high energy Jive even got a 10 from Len.  Kelly’s Salsa had Bruno Gyrating.  Joanna’s Rumba had Bruno’s blood racing. 

And for the group dance: Team Paso gave their best, but Team Tango kind of whipped on them and scored a 28 to Paso’s 24.

First couple safe is Kelly and Louis.  First couple in the bottom 3 are Mark and Lacey.

Guest Performance by Colbie Caillat

Next couple safe: Donny and Kym.  Next couple in the bottom 3: Michael and Anna

Wow, Mark and Derek performed next and their stage name is ‘Ballas Hough’.  This sounds like Kandi from the Atlanta Housewives gave this a little Tardy for the Party fine tuning.

Next Couples Safe: Mya and Dmitry &  Joanna and Derek are safe.

The great Rod Stewart took the stage.  This man has been looking the same my entire life! 

The first couple leaving us tonight is Michael and Anna.  Michael will be missed, he has such a likeable presence!

The Dance Off will be between Michael Damascos & Lacey and Aaron and Karina.

Michael was good, but Aaron’s Jive is so very strong that he kind of whipped him.  I think that Aaron should stay.

The Judges think so too!  Aaron and Karina are safe!  Michael and Lacey will be leaving tonight!