So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Top 20 Dancers

Tonight again, this will be the final time that the Judges will cut one girl and one guy at the end of the show.  That’s right!  No elimination show again, everything is happening tonight.  Next week, America will start voting again and have a say in who goes and who stays.

 Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nygel Lythgoe are our Judges Tonight.  They are still keeping the game going about Paula Abdul.  Is it just me or is it getting tired.   Nigel spoke to the Top SYTYCD Execs and Billy Bell can join the Next season at the top 100 in Vegas.  Also, Brandon will be allowed to audition again.  The dancers have been paired up and all of them were asked to share the best and the worst thing about their partners. 

Noelle and Russell.  The best thing about Russell is his voice  and the worst thing is that  he always wears sunglasses.  The best thing about Noelle is that she is very funny and the worst thing is that she keeps getting injured and has to take breaks from rehearsals and performances.  Jamal Sims choreographed this  hip hop dance where two tennis players love each other but competively kick each other’s butt.  They danced to ‘Move, Shake, drop remix by Dj Laz, Flo-rida.  Now this was a clever and hot routine.  I don’t know what Noelle’s style of dance is, but she shocked me with how well she kept up with Russell who was definitely in his element.  Loved it!  Adam cautioned them to not let the dance get lost in the characters.  He thought they did well, but he thought they were overwhelmed a little.  Mary thought they were in a fight to the end and Russell won the match, but she felt that it got a little labored towards the end.  She loved Russell’s performance and she marvelled at how Noelle bounced back after last week’s injury.  Nygel thought it was so fast that they didn’t really get hold of it.  He isn’t sure if Noelle’s performance will be strong enough to keep her safe.  He reminded Russell that he was in the bottom 4 last week and he is a little disappointed in both of them (ouch)

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 Jakob and Ashleigh.  Ashleigh thinks that while Ashleigh’s hair is beautiful, it is constantly in the way when they dance.  The best thing is that she sweats like him and it looks like they bond over their ability to get hot and sweaty (ewww).  Ashleigh thinks that the fact that he sweats like her is the worst thing about him (2 sweaters don’t match up well).  The best thing is when he mimics bad dancing he is hilarious.  Tony and Melanie choreographed a Waltz for them.  The story here is Jakob and Ashleigh will perform the first dance of a Bride and Groom at wedding.  They danced to ‘At last’ by Etta James.  Before they even start, I’m happy because I love this song.  This was a beautiful dance.  I wish a new couple would do such a beautiful dance and I was at the wedding.  Adam is madly in love with their dancing, but he would have liked to seen them use more of the stage.  This was an interesting critique. Ususally, the Judges are patting the Choreographers on the back (even when it is bad), but Adam took some time to chastize Tony and Melanie on their routine.  Mary thought the lifts were very good.  The dancing could have been better and she expected more from him.   She thought Mary was wonderful and very smooth with her movements.  Nygel thought that they were beautiful.  Jakob is such a beautiful dancer, he doesn’t care what he does.  Ashleigh has proven any critics that she had wrong.   

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Victor and Bianca.  Best thing is she is so loud.  Worst thing is that she changes her hair every day.  Best thing is his laugh worst thing is that he is always in light bright .  Tyce Diorio  choreographed their dance.  This is a scene out of ‘The color Purple’.  Maybe God is Tryin to tell you Somethin’ from The Color purple.  I enjoyed this, but again, I really love this scene from the movie, so I was already half way there.  They did seem to get a little tired thought.  Adam thought that they danced it well, but he didn’t see them lose it.  Mary thought it was really good, but it didn’t go there and then it got kind of lost.  Nigel agreed that the characters were not strong enough. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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M ollee and Nathan.  The bst thing about Mollee is that her personality is big and bright.  The worst thing is she goes to the bathroom alot and she still raises her hand to do so.  Best thing about Nathan is that he is attractive.  The worst thing is that he gets distracted really easily.  Nakul dev Mahajan choreographed their  Bollywood routine.   They danced to ‘Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah’ by Jodhaa Akbar Soundtrack.  I know nothing about Bollywood dancing, but this was pleasing to the eye and I did appreciate their dancing skills.  Adam thought they were very  exciting. He loves that Mollee is dancing with so much maturity and that she owns her skills.  Mary thought it was like a Hollywood Movie.  She loved that they are bringing something new to the stage.  Nygel thought it was fabulous.  Nathan was fabulous and Molle was great.  Choreography was wonderful. 

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Channing and Phillip.   The best thing about Channing is that her eyes are amazing.  The worst thing about her is that if she wants to she can whip his behind (looks like she is a workout finatic).  The best thing about Phillip is that he always has a smile no matter what.  The worst thing is that he really is a talker.  Meridith and Tony choreographed a sexy Samba.  They danced to ‘Maracatu funk’ by the Samba Squad.  Unfortunately, this dance just didn’t do it for me.  The lifts were really awkward and it was really painful to watch.  Adam could see them struggling.  they shouldn’t let the audience know that they are struggling.  He liked that they had a great connection.  Mary could also see their struggle and there wasn’t any party (fun).  She thought that Phillip was a little sloppy and the movements were lazy and Channing didn’t help him.  She thought that Channing did wonderfully with her hip action (which is funny, because I thought that she was really off ) Nigel thought he has the right movement to get into everything (things aren’t looking good for Phillip).  Their chemistry didn’t work for him.  She looked nervous and like a beautiful sack of potatoes around his neck at times.

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 Kevin and Karen.  The best thing about Kevin is that he is the sweetest thing ever.  His hair is the worst thing about him (it is always in the way).  The good thing is that Karen is beautiful and dynamic.  The worst is that he disappears next to her (everyone has love for Karen).  Tabs and Nap choreographed a hip hop routine for them.  The story is that he is a  mechanic and she is the hot girl who catches his eye.  They danced to Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough.  Hot and crazy dance.  I loved this one.  I think she kept up with him.  Adam loves Karen and he thought that she tore it up.  Kevin was fantastic, even thought he expected it.    Mary loved the routine.  She is still on The Hot Tamale train.  She thought Kevin was Phenomenol.  He is also on the Hot tamale Train.  Nygel gave props to Kevin, but it is Karen once again who wowed him (Kevin doesn’t look too happy)Vodpod videos no longer available.  

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Kathryn and legacy.  The best thing about Legacy is that he  can speak so many languages.  The worst thing is that he likes to do this little cricket whistle.  He loves that she is very emotional.  The worst thing is that in rehearsal, she is a little heavy handed and she is whipping him up!  Man up!  Stacey Tookey  choreographed the story of a woman struggling with fear and he is her fear.  They danced to ‘2 steps away’ by Patti Labelle.  I thought that they had a great connection.  This dance kind of reminded me of The cancer dance from last season.  Just beautiful.  Adam thought the choreography transformed Legacy.  He has taken huge step forward him in his dancing and he is proud of him.  Kathryn and Legacy compliment each other.  Mary agreed that Legacy is really growing in his dancing skills.  She doesn’t remember anyone growing as fast as he has.  She also thought that Kathryn was gorgeous and fun to watch.  Nygel also agreed and loved the way that the choreography has made them stronger dancers.

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Peter and Pauline.  The best thing about Pauline is that she is always taking pictures and she is documenting their journey.  The worst thing is she is obsessed with shoes and she has a mini store.  The best thing about Peter  is that he treats the top 20 like family.  The worst thing is that he thinks he is a chick magnent.  Wade Robindon choreographed this piece.  The story is that an earlier draft of Van Gough’s ‘Starry night’ and in that draft he painted people, but he discarded them.  Now these discarded people have returned to torment Van gough.  They danced to ‘little green bag’ by George Baker selection.  Hmmm…..I wasn’t feeling this one that much and it didn’t tell the story that Wade described.  Adam thinks that this piece was controversial.  This dance forced them to be committed and they were.  He thought they sold it.  Mary loved the concepts and costumes, but she doesn’t think it will take them anywhere.  Nygel hopes that they stay here and that Wade made a statement with his choreography.  It sounds like Nigel thought that Pauline outdanced Peter in this one.

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Ryan and Ellenore.  The worst thing about Ryan is that he can be annoying  with all of  his healthy eating, but she loves that he is her personal body guard.  He loves her quirky personality.  Miriam and Leonardo Choreographed an Argentine Tango.   I can tell from the practice, that they are really going to have to trust each other to do the lifts.  They danced to ‘Violentango’ by Astor Piazzolla.  This Tango really grew on me.  Initially, they seemed a little unsure (to me), but as they continued, it grew more and more fabulous.  The most unbelievable part was that her heel was caught in the train of her dress the whole time.  Adam loved it and their connection was incredible.  She was great.  Their Partnership was Fantabulous.  Mary loved that Ellenore stay in the dance and didn’t give into her heel being caught in her dance.  Ryan was great.  Mary’s on her feet squealing.  Nygel praised the technicality of the dance.

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Nygel announced the Judges picks for the bottom four and they are: Noelle, Bianca and Victor, and Phillip.  From the Solos, I think that the two going home should be Noelle and Phillip ( I enjoyed him, but I think victor’s performance was stronger).
But after the Judges deliberated, it is Phillip (gonna miss his dimples) and Bianca going home.
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