Celebrities came out for the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards held at the O2 Arena on November 5, 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

Katy Perry looked really Glam!

Beyonce is truly in Barbie Doll mode here

Joss Stone was there looking stunning

Pete Wentz…..I don’t know

I have no idea at all who ‘Yoga Fire’ is, but they had me LMAO!  WTH?  I have to believe they are spoofing other artists….but Damn!

Greenday makes an entrance

Juliette Lewis embraces her inner Rocker Chick

Pixie Lott came Ready for the Party

David Hasselhoff was there

Leona Lewis came in one of the more unfortunate looks of the night.

Brody Jenner looks very nice, until you get to those shoes!  When will that phenom go away?

Shakira looked great…until you get to those shoes!  Honestly, the shoes that these celebrities are wearing are out of control!  How do they walk in them?

Tokyo Hill arriving

Jesse Metcalfe was there

Jan Delay was there in a very shiny suit

The Jonas Brothers are always so fresh and so clean

Lil Kim….Whoa….What….Sometimes it still trips me out how she looks like a completely different person now

Supermodel Bar Refaeli was there

The Foo Fighters arriving

The Backstreet Boys

I always say that they do things differently in Europe.  This is ‘Doda’ of Poland arriving on the Red Carpet.  What in the tainted perfume hell is she wearing?  Is this her Halloween costume and she is trying to maximize its usage?  I just hope that nobody sets her off.

This is Doda when she is not in costume