We are down to our top 5 couples!  Last week, the double elimination was really tough and we said goodbye to two favorites: Michael Irvin and Michael Dacascos.  Tonight, our Stars will perform 2 complete routines for the first time.  There will be a Latin and a Ballroom round.    The Latin round will have a spin to it.  The dances will be performed with either a 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or Futuristic theme.

The Ballroom Round

The Judges Wishlist:

They would like to see Donny have great posture in his Waltz.  Joanna needs to work on keeping her balance when she dances.  Kelly will need to work on being more graceful.  The Judges would like   Mya to bring more technique and less gimmicks.  Aaron has to calm down his exuberance.  He needs to stay focused.

Mya and D’Mitry.  Last Monday, Mya’s Fox Trot failed to get Len’s approval.  In practice, Mya was so stressed about improving her performance that Dmitry took her out to enjoy the outdoors and for a relaxing horse ride.  Tonight, they danced the Quickstep.   I think that this Quick Step should make even Len happy.  It was a good and proper Quickstep executed flawlessly.  It didn’t excite me, so Len will probably love it.  (MAC-10).  What do you know? Len couldn’t find anything to criticize tonight.  That is a first.  Bruno thought that this Quick Step was Quality that was full of flavor.  Carrie Ann thought that she made the very difficult Quickstep look effortless.  Carrie Ann-9, Len-10, Carrie Ann-10=29

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Aaron and Karina.  Last week, Aaron was on fire with his Jive that got a 10 from Len, but he narrowly escaped elimination.  In practice, Karina was sick, but she is determined not to let Aaron dance with anyone else (remember what happened with Michael last week).  Tonight, they danced the Foxtrot.  I think he should get some extra consideration for that velvet suit that he has on.  This dance was just okay for me.  There were moments where they really flowed, but overall, no wow factor for me, although it was danced well.  Bruno could see how much work he put into it, but he didn’t think that it flowed enough to sell the dance.  It wasn’t smooth.  Carrie Ann noted that his foot came off the ground.  She agreed with Bruno, there was a loss of fluidity.  Len  is proud of him, because he has worked so hard and it shows. (MAC-8)  Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Bruno-8=23.

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Joanna and Derek.  Last week, Joanna’s Rumba had Bruno all worked up in a hot sweat.  In practice, they examined footage of Mya’s past moves, so they could figure out her weaknesses and her strengths and get the upper hand over her.  Personally, I don’t think I would have shown that I was that worried about another contestant.  Tonight, they danced the Quick Step.  Unfortunately, Derek out danced Joanna and I was left thinking what a great dancer he is.  Carrie Ann saw that the dance had a few out of sync moments.  She  thought that Joanna does really well with her posture, but had trouble with her footwork.  Len thought the dance was not the standard for the Quick step.  uh oh, Len is not happy.  Bruno thought that she looked like she was running away from a crime.  Not one of her best.  I agree.  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Bruno-8=23

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Kelly and Louis.  Last week, Kelly was determined not to be beige and she was able to excel in her Salsa.  In practice, Kelly’s biggest problem is that she has to focus on not being distracted.   Tonight, they danced the Foxtrot.  Bravo!  Kelly really brought it.  I think that the Ballroom dances suit her so much better.  A slight stumble, but you barely noticed, this girl is having so much fun.  (MAC-10).  Len thought she brought grace and elegance, but her footwork was lacking.  Bruno loved how light she is on her feet.  She sustained the performance.  Carrie thought that she has to work on her spots and turns, but she is a natural with the audience and they love her!  Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-9=25

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Donny and Kym.  Last week, Donny’s Quickstep was faulty, but his showmanship got him through.  In practice, Donny revealed that he wasn’t having as much fun, because he has been so busy (sounds like he was totally burned out)  But now he is determined to bring the fun back.  Tonight, they danced the Viennese Waltz.  I really enjoyed their Waltz.  I think Donny has gotten his groove back.  Oh and sister Marie is back to support him.  Wait….is that Jodie Watley sitting with Marie?  Possibly next season contestant?   Bruno though that he had all the moves.  Carrie Ann thought it was mesmerizing.  Len thought that Donny has really improved, although it was artsy Farty.  (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-9=26

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The Latin Round

The Judge’s Wish List

The Judges would like to see action in Donny’s 80’s Paso Doble.  He’s thinking that he needs to bring the Rambo in him.  Mya has to be gr0ovy for her 70’s Sambo.  She has to let her hair down and prove she wants to win.  Joanna  has to bring the aggression to nail the futuristic Paso Doble.  Kelly has got to let go for her 60’s Jive.  Aaron has to show his youth in his 90’s Samba.  He need to  have fun and shake what his Mama gave him.

Mya and Dmitry.  They are dancing a 70’s Samba.  Dmitry has alot of pressure now, because this is the farthest he has ever gotten in the competition an he is probably constantly thinking that they might actually have a real shot at winning.  Dmitry is really struggling to bring fresh and new moves each week.  Extra points for their costumes.  I thought this was a really clever dance.  I loved the 70’s moves incorporated into the Samba.  I think it was a success.  Let’s see what Len thinks.  Carrie Ann finally believes that Mya wants to win.   She thought it was perfect.  Len thought that Mya is on fire tonight.  He thought that both of her dances were of high standard.  Bruno thought that she was the baddest girl of all and he loves her.  (MAC-10), Carrie Ann- 10, Len-10, Bruno-10=30  First perfect score of the Season and well deserved!

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Aaron and Karina.  In practice, they incorporated some of  his 90’s dance performance  into the choreography.  They danced a 90’s Samba.  They definitely had alot of fun performing this number, but I don’t know if the 90’s was so obvious like in the last dance.  But good movement and flow.  Len thought that he really worked it and sold this dance.  Bruno is out of his seat for the 3rd time tonight dancing.  Carrie Ann thought that he is really a great performer and he really hit it!  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9=27

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Joanna and Derek.  They danced the Futuristic Paso Doble.  Extra points for their costumes.  Can I just say that everyone is bringing their A game tonight?  I really thought this dance was great and while it stayed true to the Paso Doble, it also was definitely a futuristic routine.  Loved it!  (MAC-10)  Bruno thought it was a masterful reinvention of the dance.  Carrie Ann thought it was an outstanding dance.  Derek’s choreography and Joanna’s technique was fab.  Len thought it was genius!  The theme of the dance and the content was great.  I agree.  Carrie Ann-9, Len-10, Bruno-10=29

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Kelly and Louis.  In Practice, Kelly was really happy that she was able to add some of her style and knowledge into the dance.  Their danced the 60’s Jive.  They started with a bit of a gimmick with a baby doll (hope Len doesn’t mark them down for that).   I really wanted to love this one, but I was just okay with it.  Kelly always seems tired when she does the high energy dances.  Len thought that she has been stronger and stronger each week.  Bruno thought that the dance was fabulous.  Carrie Ann thought it was one of her best performances, but they got stuck a little and that they used the doll just a little too long. (MAC-8), Carrie Ann- 8, Len-9, Bruno-8=26

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Donny and Kym.  In practice, Donny reflected on his 80’s style and he is determined to bring the determination and element of the dance.  They danced an 80’s Paso Doble.  Extra points for the costumes.  This dance didn’t live up to the hype for me.  Donny was not forceful enough for the Paso Doble.  Len thought it was a crazy and bizarre Paso Doble, but he liked it.  Bruno thought it was campy.  Carrie Ann thought it was hysterical, but it was a little odd.  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann- 8, Len08, Bruno-8=24

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I hate to say it, but I think the weak link tonight was Donny.  Okay, he wasn’t bad, but his performance tonight, should put him at risk.