Last Night we watched our 5 top couples tackle two dances for the first time.  The Stars had a Ballroom and a Latin Round.  The Latin Round was particularly fun with each Dance representing either the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or the Future.
Joanna and Derek got the Nod for their Futuristic Paso Doble.  Derek is a great Choreographer, hands down.
After last night’s performances our couples standings out of 60 points:
1st place: Mya and DMitry-59
2nd place: Joanna and Derek-52
3rd place: Kelly and Louis- 51
4th place: Donny and Kym-50
4th place: Aaron and Karina- 50
 1st couple safe and in the Semi Finals: Derek and Joanna
Last Night the stars were really challenged with two rounds of competition. 
The Ballroom Round:   Aaron’s Fox Trot wasn’t smooth enough.  Joanna’s Quickstep lacked content.  Kelly’s Fox Trot impressed.  Donny’s Viennese Waltz was balanced.  Mya’s Quick Step finally won over Len. 
The Latin Round:  Aaron lit up the stage with his 90’s Samba.  Donny’s 80’s Paso Doble pleased (I think).  Kelly’s 60’s Jive was jumping!  Joanna’s Futuristic Paso Doble was Fantastic!  Mya’s 70’s Samba was perfection. 
Grammy Award winner Michael Buble performed ‘Crazy Love’
Next Couple Safe:   Mya and Dmitry
Dance Center!
Design a Dance brings Sabrina Bryan  who is reunited with her partner Mark Ballas for a wonderful  and Powerful Paso Doble.  Still a crowd pleaser.
Michael Buble returned to sing ‘ I Feel Good’
Next Couple Safe:  Donny and Kym (look out Marie)
Aaron and Karina & Kelly and Louis are in the bottom two.  This is the first time that Kelly is in the bottom 2, right?  I think that Aaron has been there every week except the first 2 weeks.  It’s anyone’s guess what will happen next.
 Reality Star Phenom Susan Boyle sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’
Vodpod videos no longer available.

 Final Elimination of  the night:


Aaron and Karina are going home!  Len took some time out to compliment Aaron on the excellent job that he did.  I think that he did this because it is true, I also think he wanted to make sure that Aaron would be okay, he is so intense about the competition that I think this was needed.


That means that Louis and Kelly are going to the Semi-Finals along with Donny and Kym & Mya and Dmitry & Derek and Joanna