Finally!  America takes over and will be allowed to vote and keep their favorites in the contest.  Our Top 16 dancers compete tonight.
Tonight our Judges are Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.  Nice.  Season 5 Finalists are here tonight to support.  Looks like they are going to be busy dancing on various shows like DWTS or America’s Best Dance Crew too and The Dizzy Feet Foundation.
Oh good, none of that silliness about Paula Abdul and an empty seat!   In our quest to learn more about the top 16, tonight our dancers will tell us what they want America to know about them.
Karen and Kevin.   Karen first auditioned with her husband Matt and he didn’t make it.  Shortly after, they divorced….Wow!  Kevin is a hip hop dancer who has had the privilege of  performing in London, Italy and China.  Maria Torres is their choreographer for The Hustle.  The story here is that girl is going after the boy for the dance and he is not interested.  They danced to ‘Come to Me’ by France Joli.  Kevin’s worries last week, became evident again.  Although he was good, Karen outdanced him.  She seemed to glide along and he seemed to be stepping.  I don’t know if they told the story where he was ignoring her.  Adam thought that they made it work for them and it was amazing.  He thought he just saw Kevin the first time.  A great partnership.  Out of the two, he enjoyed Karen  the most.  Mary thought it was like a Sadie Hopskins dance.  karen is the  hustle Queen.  But Mary was also surprised at how well Kevin performed.  They are still on the Tomale train.  Nigel thought that Kevin’s friend’s back home must be shocked at how well Kevin is dancing, buy he  cautioned him to work at his death drops ( he almost dropped her).  Karen managed to add more to the great choreography that Maria provided.
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Ashleigh and Jakob.  Ashleigh  is a really big Nerd and she was a Political Science and History major in College.   One of Jakob’s best friend’s is Janine (last season’s winner) .  This week their routine is Jazz  with choreography by Mandy Moore.  They danced to ‘Relax’ by Frankie goes to Hollywood. They are using a cane in this number as a huge part of the act.  I really liked the use of the cane.  Alot of times, there is an overkill with a prop and I want it to stop already, but the cane added to this performance.  Adam thought that Asleigh really belongs on the show.  They have a great partnership.  They were able to cover up a blooper incredibly well.  This was a great performance.  Jakob has an enourmous strength and control.  Mary thought that they were a great partnership and they made great use of the stage.  She likes that Ashleigh stepped up to the plate and that Jakob was strong and passionate.  He was brilliant.  Nigel thought this was one of Mary’s best choreography routines.  He thought that  they were fabulous.  They changed to suit the characters of the dance. 
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Pauline and Peter.   Peter volunteers his time teaching Persons with disabilities the skill of dance (nice).   Pauline eats alot even though we cannot tell.   They danced a Quick Step that was chorographed by JT and Tomas.  The story of this dance: A Navy guy gets entranced by a beautiful Hula Girl.  They danced to ‘Hey baby’ by Big  Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack.  Parts of this dance really worked, but alot didn’t work for me.  They didn’t seem to have a real connection and he didn’t seem to really be into her hips (I was looking for a connection like Evan and Randi in the butt routine).  Adam thought it was an adorable routine.  They blew past the technical missteps with the wonderful story of the dance.  He thought Peter was on fire.  Mary talked about the technical side.  She thought that they pulled it off, but it wasn’t great.  (why does this good sound bad).  The footwork kind of clunked a little.  They weren’t connected at all.    Nigel thought it was lacking in technique, but he didn’t care, he thought it was a fabulous performance.  He liked that the Quickstep had a story to it, because it made it more interesting.  I agree
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Kathryn and Legacy.   Kathryn loves to help people.  She recently went to Costa Rica and helped the needy.  Legacy loves Soccer, he was scouted for professional Soccer, but it wasn’t meant to be and now he uses that same energy in his dancing.  Andy Blankenbuehler choreographed their Jazz routine.  They danced to ‘I wanna be like you’ by ‘Swingin Fireballs.  Good number.  I think that they really perform well together.  I think that Legacy brings so much intensity of the streets into his performances.  Total enjoyment.  Adam loved the routine.  He wasn’t sure what Kathryn’s role was and he wanted more from her.  He also thought that Legacy’s performance was another huge step in his growth.  Mary agreed.  Chemistry was a little loss.  She also thought that Legacy’s performance was so strong that Kathryn got a little lost.  She feels he will go into the top 10.  Nigel was a little disappointed with Kathryn’s juvenile performance this week (ouch).   Legacy is now a complete dancer. (Kathryn has to be pissed by now), not just a street dancer.  He has grown so much and he is an inspiration.
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Victor and Channing.  Victor used to be a hardcore Gothic Rocker (wow).  Channing used to race lawn mowers (where is she from) and she won a Disneyland trip because of her skills   They danced a Contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey.  The story is about a really Toxic relationship where the two are exhausted from trying to keep what they have.  This is Victor and Channing’s first performance together as they both lost their partners last week.  They danced to ‘Be Be Your love’ by Rachel Yamagata.  I thought that they told this story well and they already have a connection on their first week together.  Adam thought that the new partnership has them back in the competition.  They compliment each other.  Danced beautifully and their quality was great.  Mary agreed that their partnership worked.  They did a tremendous job.  Nigel thought they were good, although he didn’t connect to their emotion.  Now they have to watch, because now that they have done their style (contemporary), things will be definitely harder next week. 
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Ellenore and Ryan.  Ellenore is a blend of six ethnicities: Mexican, African American, American Indian, Italian and Filipino.  Ryan is an extreme sports junkie and he secretly would love to play a superhero.  They did a Hip Hop routine by Lil C that  focused on timing and swagger.   They danced to ‘Lost Boiz’  by The J-squad.  This was just okay for me.  They seemed like they lost steam and their movements were not in-sync.  I definitely wanted more from both of them.  Adam pointed out how difficult it must have been for Lil C to get this pair and vice versa.  He thought that Ryan was the most transformed dancer of the night.  It was good, not great.  Mary thought that the dance wasn’t great, but it was good, although it wasn’t synchronized.  She would like to see more from Ryan and Ellenore.  Nigel didn’t think it was good at all.  The style didn’t suit either of them and their personalities, because are too sweet.  (Ouch- they just want him to stop talking at this point and he won’t).
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Mollee and Nathan.   Mollee is deaf in her left ear.  She has had severak reconstructive surgeries, but she still only can hear out her right ear.  Nathan goes Jetskiing when he isn’t dancing.  This week, Gustavo Vargas choreographed a sassy Salsa for the couple.  Mollee and Nathan had to work on being sexy and suave respectively.  They danced to ‘Quimbara’ by Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco.  Mollee surprised me and she  brought some sexiness to the dance floor and she moved well.  Nathan didn’t do so well.  Adam thought it was a bad luck of the draw.  This number exposed all of their weaknesses.  He reminded us that every other week they have excelled and their are fan favorites.  They didn’t flow.  Mary thought they missed alot and the feel and the style wasn’t there.  Nathan wasn’t suave and Mollee didn’t seem sexy.  She wanted so much more for them.  Nigel thought it was a sobering night for many of the dancers.  In this dance, they were missing chemistry and they started on the wrong foot and never recovered. 
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Noelle and Russell.  Noelle has 3 sisters and 1 brother and they have taught her so much.  She is inspired by her brother who has recovered from a Stroke.  Russell is an Artist and he can draw anything.  They performed Afro Jazz choreographed by Shawn Cheesman .  The story: he is a frog (who is also her Spiritual guide) and she is an African Princess..  They danced to ‘Frog Dance’ by Mickey Hart and Planet Drum.   Great performance.  Fantastic energy.  I love Russell, because he came into this an undersog and he is like I don’t think so.  Adam welcomed Shawn to the show and his great Choreography and character and story.  They were relentless and they were totally filled with the spirit of the dance.  Mary thought it was crazy good.  She loved that she could feel the whole thing and she proclaimed that Russell is the King of Afro Jazz who is on the Hot Tamale Train.  Nigel thought that this Afro Jazz was great and it was the first time that he has seen it.  Russell is a Star of this Season and his lines are fantastic.  Noelle did a really good job as well.
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After Tonight’s performances, Nigle thinks that  Ryan and Ellenore  are in danger.  Mary thinks that Nathan and Molle are at risk.  Adam thinks that both of these couples are in danger.
I think that either of the two could go!