The show opened with the contestants performing to ‘Aha’ by Imogene Heap. 

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Our Top 7 couples performed last night and three of those couples will have to dance to save their life  at the tail end of the show. 

Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe are here of course to give their feedback.  Nigel feels that the show is back on track and the dancers finally realize that they are in a competition.  Mary offered words of wisdom for the bottom 3 that I will summarize at you were good enough to get here, start dancing like you want to stay!  Adam encouraged the dancers (who will dance 2 routines next week) that they will really need to buckle down.

1st eliminations:

Ashleigh and Jacob pleased all of the Judges and America, they are safe.

Karen and Kevin’s Broadway number was a disappointment last night and it has landed them in the bottom 3.  Adam isn’t surprised and he wants them to make him proud with their solos.

2nd eliminations

Ellenore and Ryan stunned the Judges.  America too!  They are safe.

Russell and Noelle’s Foxtrot was amazing.    America has put them through!  Safe

Victor and Channing were crowd pleasers.    But America wants them to prove their worth and dance to save their place.

3rd eliminations

Mollee and Nathan put it down, but they are still in the bottom 3!

Kathryn and Legacy are always amazing and they are safe!

Karen, Kevin, Mollee, Nathan, Victor and Channing are our bottom 3!

Bollywood dancers performed to ‘Desi Girl’

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Solo performances:

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Who’s Going Home:

The Judges are unanimous with their decisions for the guys and the girls.

The Girls:

The Judges feel that Mollee proved that she can dance like a woman.  They like that she has shown maturity in the competition.  She is safe.  Channing’s technique is terrific, but her personality is not coming out.  They feel that Karen is a performer and a star this season, so Channing is going home!

The Guys:

The Judges feel that Nathan is full of potential and he has proved himself.  He is safe.  Victor has grown so much and his solo was very strong.   Kevin is a terrific dancer, but they are looking for growth, but there is a long way to go and he is going home!

I didn’t see this coming…..Channing and Kevin leave the competition.