Check out John Mayer on Today Show.  He looks totally relaxed performing and chopping it up with Matt Lauer.  Tomorrow, there will be a story in the tabloids saying that he is a wreck, because Jennifer Anniston will not take him back.  (Kidding) 

Today, I was listening to a radio contest between two women were answering questions to show that they ‘know everything’ about John Mayer.  Girl A didn’t get one question right and she was moaning and complaining that girl B got questions that everyone knows.  True, Girl A got questions like ‘What kind of instrument  is John famous for playing’ or Name a famous ex-girlfriend of John’s (duh, right)?  I think the DJ had a little sympathy and it really sounded like he would also give Girl B a prize too, if she could tell him ‘What famous Girlfriend did John write ‘Your Body is a Wonderland for’?  You know Girl B didn’t know it was Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I was kind of shame for her.  Anyway, just random thoughts that run through my head…..  Anyway, check him out, I love me some John Mayer.