All of the Stars were Great Last night.  They will perform one last dance tonight to prove that they want the Disco Ball!

All of our stars from the entire season  join us tonight and they will take the floor to have their one last moment on the floor.

Last night the dancers performed two individual dances and a Megamix dance. 

Whitney Houston is the special guest tonight and she perfoms ‘Million Dollar Babe’.  I’m still happy everytime I see Whitney back looking healthy!

As always, the finale always spends some time showing how the finalists have grown over the Season and I will have to say that Kelly has grown the most.

Tonight, kelly and Louis danced the Viennese Waltz.  I truly feel this is her best dance.  Len says that out of all the contestants he will miss her the most.  Bruno said that she has earned her place here.  Carrie Ann agrees that no one else has touched her on the show like she has.  She has grown so much.

Mya and Dmitry reflected on their journey and how much Len has pushed her to excel.  Tonight, they performed  The Jive.   Interesting….Len criticized the beginning of this dance for the skit.  Kind of a slap back for his harsh words?    Bruno  called her Mya the magnificent who never misses a beat!  She has it all.  Carrie Ann said that from the beginning, she has been the one to contend with.  Len says that he never doubted her dance talent.  She is fantastic.

Donny and Kym’s journey has had some ups and downs.  When he’s great, it’s magical and when he’s bad- it’s still good!  They performed their Argentine Tango.  This was definitely Donny’s James Bond moment.  Just as good the second time.  Carrie Ann thought this was Artistry in Motion again.  Len believes that he has always given 100%  in everything that he does.  Bruno thought that he reached the dark side and he uses it well.

The Judges decisions: 3rd place: Kelly and Louis- 26 points, 2nd place: Mya and Dmitry- 28 points and Donny and Kym-30

Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin faced off for the coveted football diamond ring.  The Judges deliberated and Michael Irvin won the dance floor round, but Jerry Rice won a ring for best body.

They also had a dance off that included Steve W., Jerry Springfield, Cloris Leachman and Joanna Krupa.  Funny stuff that I can’t find a clip of.


Kelly and Louis take 3rd place

Mya and Dmitry take 2nd

and Donny & Kym win

Wow.  Donny had great showmanship and all…..but Mya was sensational from week 1.  I don’t want to be a Kanye…..but she was AWESOME.