Our Top Ten Will be revealed tonight!

The show opened with a Group Dance  to ‘What’s a girl Gotta Do’ by Basement Jazz.  Quirky little dance with a spin on The Wizard of Oz.  Pretty creative stuff.  Looks like Nappy Tabs’ work.

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We watched 6 couples last night.  3 of those couples will dance to save their lives tonight. 


Karen and Victor & Ashleigh and Jakob

Karen and Victor really worked well with their Tango, but fell short with their hip hop routine.  While Ashleigh and Jakob scored with both their lyrical jazz routine and their Cha Cha.

Ashleigh and Jakob are safe and the first couple in the top 10!! Karen and Victor are in danger! 

Next Elimination

Mollee and Nathan & Kathryn and Legacy

Mollee and Nathan did well with their hip hop routine and was in perfect harmony for the Can Can.  Kathryn and Legacy got high remarks from the Judges for their Jazz routine and the Viennese Waltz.

Molle and Nathan are in danger!  Kathryn and Legacy are in the top 10


Ryan and Ellenore & Russell and Noelle

Noelle and Russell’s Contemporary piece was very moving and gorgeous, but their Samba didn’t satisfy the Judges.  Ryan and Ellenore’s Lindy Hop and Broadway routine got got high praises from the Judges. 

Ellenore and Ryan are in danger in spite of great performances.  Noelle and Russell are through to the top 10

Karen performed to ‘She wants to move’ by N.E.R.D.  (good)

Victor danced to Village Atack by Blood Diamond soundtrack  (Great)

Mollee danced to Bulletproof by la roux.  (Good)

Nathan danced to ‘Going, going, gone’ by Stars (ok)

Ellenore danced to ‘Bottom by zap mama (I needed more)

Nathan danced to ‘Baila baila conmigo by Missiego (very good)

Shakira performs ‘Give it up to me’.  Ever since she performed with Beyonce, I swear they look like the same person on different shots.

The Judges are unanimous with their decision on the girls.  With Mollee, they think that she is fighting to stay in the competition.  Ellenore has impressed the Judges and they aren’t sure why viewers aren’t voting for her.  Karen is a great performer, but they felt that she didn’t put her heart and soul into her solo and they are letting her go tonight.  I didn’t see that one coming.  I thought Mollee was leaving.

The Judges are not unanimous with the guys decision.  Nigel feels that Victor has grown as a person and dancer tonight.  Ryan didn’t impress in his solo, but he has been tremendous with his partner work.  Nathan came as a brilliant dancer, but Nigel doesn’t feel that he has seen him grow as much as he would have liked, but apparently Mary and Adam feel otherwise.  Nathan and Ryan are safe, while Victor is going home.  I didn’t see that one either!

Victor and Karen leave the competition tonight.