Lil Wayne and Latoya celebrated their daughter Reginae’s 11th’s birthday with a Slumber Party in Atlant this weekend.  It was a star studded event and it just looks like good old family fun!  I will say this for Lil Wayne….yes, he does appear to be having children at a ridiculous pace, but he does seem to be into being a hands on Daddy!

Lil Wayne poses with Reginae and son DeWayne Carter III (first public appearance) and guests.  Baby DeWayne looks just like his Father!

Weezy, Lil Dwayne and his Mother Sarah.  All one happy family, it seems

Monica and her sons pose with Latoya, Lil Wayne and Tiny

Kandi was there with her Kiddies

TPain was there along with his Mama, Ne-Yo’s Mama and Lil Wayne’s Mama.  Blond hair is here to stay, huh?

T-Pain and Ne-Yo’s Mom enjoying themselves


Tiny poses with the Birthday girl!

Monica and her little Men

Lil Wayne poses with some of the Women in his life including his Mother

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