Tara Reid, 34 will go topless in the January/February 2010 of Playboy.  She discusses her decision to pose in Playboy in her interview with WPIX.  Apparently, she wants to prove that the scars that she got as a result of some bad cosmetic surgery (liposuction) are gone.  Seriously?  The only way that she can show that her scars are gone is to do Playboy?  Maybe I am just naive, but couldn’t she just wear a bikini?  When the scars were there, she seemed to have little difficulty traumatizing everyone on the Beach.

 She also reports that she feels that she is in a good place in her life to do Playboy and she feels mentally and physically up to posing in Playboy.  Why didn’t she just say that in the first place?  That makes alot more sense than she is trying to prove that she got her scars removed.