Tony Parker and Wifey Eva Longoria-Parker have revealed a little about themselves that I never would have come up with.  Apparently, the two are some serious fans of the musical ‘Grease’.  In the video they spoof  ‘Grease’ characters Danny and Sandy.  Pretty funny stuff and while Tony admits that this is Eva’s favorite film, I’m thinking that no matter how sprung he is….he has got to be a pretty big T’Bird fan himself.  Personally, I think that this probably started with some dress up antics in the bedroom and then they told two friends and so on….    On his website, Tony has posted this video and he is inviting his Fans to submit their own musical parady in full costume.  Tony and Eva will pick their favorite and they will fly the winner to San Antonio to watch the Spurs play a game.  Entries are due by Jan. 31st.