I guess they do things differently in Canada.  Jim and Celia Dunn and their 3 children: 9-year-old Austin, 13-year-old Ali and 15-year-old Connor set themselves on fire and toast giant marshmallows in the fire.  Seriously?  Inside Edition reports:

“When the plan came about to light the family on fire I was thrilled,” Celia tells INSIDE EDITION.“When my dad said we were going to be lit on fire, I was really excited,” says Austin.
 The children are 9-year-old Austin, 13-year-old Ali and 15-year-old Connor. Most kids that age are warned to stay away from fire. So what are their
parents thinking?   “I can understand how people would think we are irresponsible and crazy, but that certainly is not the case,” says Jim. The dad defends the stunt because the Dunns are professional daredevils.   Jim has been a stuntman and stunt coordinator for nearly 25 years and has performed in 400 films. His wife and children are following in his footsteps, leaping and falling through more than 100 films, like the movie Catwoman. Connor appeared with actress Halle Berry, dangling from a Ferris wheel.
So far Jim has had all of the injuries for the family: “I’ve broken my legs half a dozen times, both arms, and I’ve been burnt pretty bad three times, not from setting myself on fire but from being too close to explosions,” he tells INSIDE EDITION.   
Jim says extra safety and
training go into every stunt his kids perform, including protective clothing for the fire stunt in their own front yard. “We pretty well quadrupled up all I’ve learned in 25 years in the business for keeping people safe.”The kids spend hours sharpening their stunt-work skills. In their martial arts class, they practice jumping higher and kicking harder. And during high-wire practice, the kids prove themselves to be fearless.The kids are always reaching milestones. “Austin at age five, as far as I know, is the youngest kid in the country to take a bullet,” Jim says.

This is one of the most idiotic things that I have ever seen.  Yes, I’m sure that they have on protective gear and that they are professional Daredevils and all, but this is just wrong on so many levels.  Obviously, Child Protective Laws are different in Canada, because this seems like there should be some kind of an inquiry into these antics.  And this is all to get a Reality Show……I really hope that they don’t get it, because they will have to up their antics to get and keep their ratings.