Tonight we will lose two Guys and two Girls from American Idol’s Top 24.  But the highlight is that we will get to see Allison irehta and Kris Allen perform. 

Ryan finally asked the question that I wanted him to and pointed out that Simon was harsher than usual and he was!  Simon was off the hook!  I love Simon, but even I was looking like….aww, he didn’t have to say that!  

The Idols sang ‘American Boy’.  I never too much enjoy the group performances and tonight didn’t change my thoughts about it.  Unfortunately, it was really a flat performance., I think that the contestants are still adjusting to the big stage with the huge audience.   I could have had a V-8. 

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I think that Ryan spends his spare time thinking up ways to torture the contestants when he eliminates them.  This time for dramatic effect,  He has the girls stand up in rows of 6.  First row, Siobhan, Haeley, Michelle, Katelyn, Katie and Janell. Siobhan is Safe!  Haeley Vaughn is Safe!  Michelle is safe! Katelyn is safe.  Katie and Janell are left.  But it is Janell going home!  She took it really graciously!  I actually liked her.  Pity. 

 Allison Iraheta sang her new song ‘Scar’.  Loving the look that Ms. Allison is rocking.  This girl could really sing, I hope that she continues to grow, because her voice is so strong.  I hope that she is appreciated for a while. 

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The next row of girls is up!  Paige, Lacey, Lilly, Krystal, Ashley and Didi.
Paige is safe, Lacey is safe, Lilly is safe, Krystal is safe.  Ashley and Didi are left.  Ashley is going home!  She sings her way out of the competition.  Ashley was also really gracious, but I really thought that as Ryan pushed her to explain how she was feeling, I thought that she might be the first one to lose it on American Idol and go off! 

They showed clips of Tyler acting up at practice in his boots and bathrobe.  This guy is bent on getting on another Reality show. 

Big Mike is safe, John is safe, Aaron is safe, Todrick is safe.  Tim and Joe are in trouble.  But it is Joe who is going home.  I guess people took Ellen’s advice and turned down the sound and voted. 

Kris Allen discussed American Idol’s Give Back efforts in Haiti.  He just returned from helping in Haiti and tonight his performance will benefit the people.  You can purchase and download Kris’ performance of ‘Let it Be’ and 100% of the proceeds will go to Haiti.   For more info on donating Click Here
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Final Elimination!
Casey is safe, Jermaine is safe, Lee is safe, Andrew is safe.  Tyler and Alex are in Danger!  Alex is safe.  I’m really glad!  Tyler was doing too much with his 70’s obsession and bathrobe.   Simon co-signed on that! 
Top Four eliminated tonight:  Tyler, Janell, Joe & Ashley
Tyler is the only one that I picked to go home, I’ll miss the others!