The body of Andrew Koening was found today in Stanley Park in Vancouver.  He was 41 years old.  The troubled Actor went missing almost two weeks ago and Friends, Family and the local Authorities have been searching for him in hopes of finding him alive.  Andrew is probably best known for his 80’s role as Kirk Cameron’s Best Friend ‘Boner’ on the hit Television show ‘Growing Pain’.  He is also the son of  Walter Koening, Alumnus from the 60’s ‘Star Trek’ series. 

“My son took his own life,” Walter Koenig said, trying to keep his composure at a news conference Thursday night. “The only other thing I want to say — I’ve already said what a great guy he was, and good human being — he was obviously in a lot of pain.”

The Vancouver police would not give details on cause of death but “have no reason to believe that foul play was involved at all,” Constable Jana McGuinness said. The case has been turned over to the British Colombia coroner’s office.

Koenig’s father went on to mention “hundreds of e-mails” he had received from depressed people and their loved ones and express hope this tragedy would help them.

“If you’re one of those people who … can’t handle it anymore,” he said, breaking down in tears, “if you can learn anything from this is that there are people out there that really care. You may not think so, and … ultimately, it may not be enough. But there are people who really, really care. And before you make that final decision, check it out again. Talk to somebody. And to families who have members who they fear are susceptible to this kind of behavior, don’t ignore it, don’t rationalize it. Extend a hand.”

Koenig’s mother, Judy Levin-Koenig , echoed those sentiments: “There is love out there.”

My Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.  I was really praying that he would be found alive.  I really enjoyed him on ‘Growing Pains’, it’s so sad to know that he was obviously in so much pain.