Season 10 Cast of  ‘Dancing With The Stars’ has been revealed!  DWTS keeps getting better and better with it’s line up.  They make you want to watch!!  Check out who is competing for the coveted Disco Trophy: 

The Reality Star: Kate Gosselin formerly from ‘Jon and Kate plus 8’

I’m most interested in seeing Kate shake her groove thing!  I hope she stays around or even wins!  Why?  Just to mess with her ex hubby Jon!  He got way to much press time and I know that he will probably be curled up in the fetal position if Kate does well.  Actually, he is probably already there since I think she gets $200,000 for being in the competition!

The Pretty Boy:  Aiden Turner from ‘All My Children’

The Senior Member:  Buzz Aldrin-  Astronaut, scientist, inventor, best-selling author, advocate for man’s future in space.  

The Football Star:  Chad Ochocinco…..He changed his last name to a number…..WTF?

The Eye Candy Sports Reporter:  Erin Andrews from ESPN

The Olympic Star:  Evan Lysacek is fresh from winning Gold in the Winter Olympics

The Bachelor:  Jake Pavekla has found love and now he is looking for Something new.

Sassy Funny Lady: Niecy Nash from ‘Clean House’

The Pussycat: Nicole Scheringer-From The Pussycat Dolls

The Sex Symbol: Pamela Anderson- She’ll trying anything at least once!

The Fighter: Shannon Doherty- Next to Kate Gosselin, Shannon is also one that I am looking forward to watching.  Shannon will go far no doubt.  Partly because she will probably get into a fight and whip someone’s behind before the season is over.  I’m serious.