I hope that the girls have a great night and that they are consistent!  And Good New: Crystal Bowersox is well enough to perform.  I noticed that Ryan is trying to build the cozy love/ hate relationship between Kara and Simon to help us forget Paula……uh uh, not going to happen.  The girls also provide America with  some information about themselves, so we can get to know them better. 

Crystal Bowersox: She sang ‘As Long As I Can See The Light’ by Creedence Clearwater.  Crystal has a twin brother named Carl who is a square.  Last week, Crystal got mixed results from the Judges and Simon called her unoriginal.  Her goal this week is to prove to Simon that she would make him stop and listen to her at the subway station.  I love this girl’s voice.  So strong and soulful.  I definitely think that this girl has what it takes to make it through.  Even the background Soul Sistahs are smiling (last night they weren’t).  Randy thinks that she is the truth and he loves that she is that girl that he loves.  She is hot.  Ellen thought she was pure raw natural talent.  She is so glad that she is here today.   She thinks she is amazing.  Kara thought she completely recovered this week.  Her performance was effortless and we can feel that.  Tonight, she hit a new level.  Simon acknowledged her illness, he likes that she came back and didn’t play the sick card.  For her to comeback and pick this song and perform like she did.  He completely underestimated her.  He thought that her vocal was incredible.  He thinks that they have a really serious Artist in her this week.      866.436. 5701

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Haeley Vaughn: She sang ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus.  Haeley wants us to know that she makes her hair accessories.  Cute.  I think that this song worked better for her than last week.  She toned down the yodeling and the screaming.  She got a little pitchy, but it was so much better.  The problem was, she didn’t seem excited about singing the song.  It was really flat.   Randy didn’t think it worked for him.  Excrutiating (ouch).  So no right, no connection.  Ellen encouraged her to keep smiling.  She agreed with Randy.  The song is powerful and she didn’t have a connection to the song.  Kara thinks she has the ‘Alex Lambert’ thing.  People like her.  She has talent, she is inconsistent and needs about a year to improve.  Simon agrees.  A complete and utter mess.  In theory, it should have worked.  He noted the irony in her singing about climbing when she fell off (ouch).  866.436.5702

Lacey Brown: She sang ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer.   Lacey wants us to know that she is super creative and she sells her decorative picture frames.  This is one of my favorite songs and Kara (who suggested it) was right in selecting it for her.  I hope she isn’t dinged for taking the suggestion.  I really liked that she put extra energy into the song.  She worked the crowd.  Good Job!  Randy thought it was a good song for him, but he felt like it was too Karoake.  Ellen thought it was adorable.  She sounded great.  It was a great choice.  Kara  thought that the song brought back her swagger.  But she needs to step it up and give more.  This song captured her happy spirit.  Simon thought it was marginally better than last week.  He dinged her for taking the suggestion and he compared her Crystal.  He thinks it is a problem that she isn’t being a performer, but she is actually a contestant in a competition.  Not good.  866.436.5703

Katie Stevens: She sang ‘Put Your Records On’ by Corrine Bailey Rae.  Katie shared with us that her High School friends are juiced that she is on American Idol.  She is hoping to be more current than last week.  Also, She can say ‘give me a kiss’ in six languages…..Things that make you go hmmm.      Her interpretation of the song (slow and jazzy) took the fun out of the Corrine’s breezy light song.  We’ll see what happens with her.  The young girls are really struggling to find their place this season.  She has a great voice, but I didn’t love this one!  Randy thought there was some bright moments.  The first part of the song was pitchy and all over the place, but the end started to find her sweet spot.  Ellen really likes her voice, but she still feels that she wants to hear her sing something young.  Kara agreed, at the end she started to pull them in.  She also advised her that there are certain songs that are just radio songs, but they don’t show as performance songs.  Simon agreed and told her that she is not telling them what kind of Artist she wants to be.  He advised her to research and make a choice of who she is going to be.  Kara advised her to find a song that she loves that embodies what she is going through in her life right now.  866.436.5704

Didi Benami:  She sang ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers. She wants everyone to know that she was a Mascot before making the Cheerleading Squad.  Also, she prays before she performs.  Simon is always throwing around the world indulgent.  Didi didn’t know what he meant, so she looked it up.  She still doesn’t get it.  Didi put a Country spin on Bill Wither’s Classic.  It really could have worked, but I didn’t feel it worked for Didi.  She was pitchy as hell.  I feel like Ellen now, because she is really cute and she is trying to work the crowd, but it just didn’t go over well.  Randy started off laughing.  He didn’t think she should have chosen a deep soulful song like that.  It heightens her imperfections.  Ellen started out with compliments (not good), but ultimately, she didn’t think it worked for her.  She thinks she has a great voice and that people work for her.  Kara flat out said that it wasn’t good.  She isn’t sure what she was trying to do.  They lost the quality of her voice that they loved so much.  Simon thought it was screechy and all over the place.  He thought it was a wasted opportunity and really bad.   Aww….She is trying really hard not to cry.  The Judges have been brutal this year.   866.436.5705

Michelle Delamore:  She sang ‘With Arms Wide Open’ by Creed.  Michelle thinks that everything that the Judges say is important and she is trying to find the balance, so she is true to herself.  Michelle works with kids and she is a Choir Director at Church.  Cute.  She felt last week’s performance went well, but she knows that Simon felt she played it safe.  She hopes the Judges enjoy this risk that she is taking.  Hmm… I think that Michelle has such a strong voice and a great look that she will be okay.  But tonight, this was just okay for me and the ending really didn’t go like it should have.  Pretty flat and unexciting.  Randy thought her outfit was hot.  (I liked it)  She didn’t do enough with the song.  It just fell flat.  Ellen thought that she did do well with the song and she changed it up and she forgot it was a Rock song.  She loves that she chose the song.  Kara said it was her favorite performance.  She thought it was believable and she has a good attitude.  She likes that she did something very different and she believed it.  Simon is kind of with Kara on this one.  The first part was much stronger than the second point.  He likes she took a song outside her comfort level and she put her own spin on it.  He liked it.  Randy was called out by Ryan for being on the ‘I didn’t like it’ Island by himself.   866.436.5706

Lilly Scott:  She sang ‘A Change is Gonna Come’  by Sam Cooke.  Lilly is trying to make sure that she keeps her eyes open when she sings.  Lilly wants us to know that she plays alot of instruments and she wants to be unpredictable with her talent and abilities.  Last week, she did really well and got great feedback.  This is a song close to my heart, so truthfully, I cringe when I hear it will be performed.  I did like the arrangement, but I wasnt feeling her vocals.  There were some serious pitch problems in there!  Randy likes that the contestants are unique this season.  This song is one of the most difficult to sing, because the great Sam Cooke is hard to follow, but she worked it out.  His favorite.  Ellen thought that she has ‘it’.  She really enjoyed it and didn’t feel that she was at a competition, but at a concert.  Kara thought that she had her first moment in the competition.  She was riveting.  She has changed the game. Unbelievable.  Simon thought it was good, but he wasn’t crazy about it like the others.  He still thought Crystal was stronger than her (you can always depend on Simon) 866.436.5707

Katelyn Epperly:  She sang ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay.  She talked about how nervous all of the contestants are after hearing the Judges’ critiques.  Katelyn has studied Recording Engineering  and she hopes to have her own studio one day.  She hopes that she can move people and show what this song means to her.  Tonight she will be playing the Piano during her performance.  I was really surprised at how well she did on this.  I’m a Chris Martin Fan and I must say that she was the perfect female counterpart for this song.  Nice.  She had great passion andvocals.  Good performance.  Randy thought it was way slow, but it was good.  He wasn’t over the top, but he liked it.  Ellen fell kind of asleep, too slow.  She thought that Babysitters love her performance, because it would put the baby to sleep.  She thought it was too slow.  Kara understands what they are saying, but she kinda loves her.  She thinks that she has an incredible instrument, but she is all over the place, changing her style each week.  Simon thought it was a smart choice of song.  She has to work on not being corny.  He thinks that it was a million times better than last week.  866.436.5708

Paige Miles:  She sang ‘Walk Away’ by Kelly Clarkson.  Paige likes to color (seriously….coloring books and all) and that art is a pre-show ritual for her.  I think that the mid to end of this performance was much better than the beginning.  At first I didn’t get it.  I don’t think it was the best song for her voice even still.  Oh, this is a song that Kara wrote.  Randy liked it, but  he didn’t get a chance to hear her voice.  He wants to hear her hit the big notes.  He loved it for Kelly, not for her.  Ellen thought it was fantastic and risky that she changed it up.  She loved that she had fun.  Kara can see her having a hit with that song. Kara didn’t feel that she connected to the song or the words.  It’s not a happy song.  She liked it.  Simon agreed with Randy and 2 weeks in a row, she has failed to pick the right song.  She needs to make a mark, if she is here next week.  It was forgettable. (ouch) 866.436.5709


Siobhan Magnus:  She sang ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin.   She wants to focus on singing her heart out and not worrying about the technicalities.  Siobhan wanted us to know that last year she had a Mohawk that she cut herself and that she makes strange noises to calm her nerves (I’m guessing) before a show.  She isn’t predictable and she is okay with it.  Ooh….I was hoping that she would pull this off a little better.  I do like her energy and there were moments that I really enjoyed, but other pitchy screaming moments that I could have done without.  Hmmm….actually, she just hit a serious note in there and I really liked the ‘Freedoms’.  I think I like Siobhan.  Randy likes that she picked the boldest Singer of all time and it was dope.  Randy loved it.  Ellen loved it too.  She loves that she took on such a big song.  Kara can’t get over a big note that she hit.  Simon commented that she is such a strange little person.  She is interesting.  He thought there were parts that were terrible, but the note was incredible.  He finds her interesting.  866.436.5710

The weak links of the evening:  Haeley Vaughn & Didi Benami