The Ladies are performing tonight and I’m hoping that everyone gives a performance that shows that they would like to stay in the competition!  Las week too many of the ladies were struggling.

Ellen is a fool.  She started the show out sitting on Simon’s lap kissing and caressing him.  Simon admitted that he felt a little uncomfortable.  Funny!

Thursday we will find out which ladies deserve to be in the top 12.

Katie Stevens:  She sang Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’.  Katie is a hard one for me, because she has a great voice, but absolutely no real stage appeal yet.  Of course part of that is that she is only 17 and she hasn’t performed enough to engage an audience.  But you know what?  I didn’t think that Carrie Underwood had that kind of appeal and look at her now.  Randy thought that the song was too big for her.  Katie’s rendition paled in comparison to the real thing.  Ellen thought that was a great song choice, but she didn’t feel the words for her, she didn’t think that she was breaking away from anything.  The song ended up being too old for her, because she hasn’t really lived life yet.  Kara thinks she has a great radio voice.  She doesn’t know who she is yet, but she does believe that she will get it.  SKara didn’t think that Katie stood out.  Simon thinks that she has taken the advice, chosen a young song, but he agrees that she hasn’t found out who she is yet.  He gives her 10 out of 10 for trying.  Yes, I agree, the Judges give out advice and then get critical when the Contestants take it.   866. 436.5701

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Sioban Magnus: She sang ‘House of the Rising Sun’ by The Animals.  This song is from 1964.  I thought that Sioban did an awesome job with alot of passion and feeling.  I think she is a favorite.   She is so likeable and this song is something that I would download now.  Nice.  Randy likes that she surprises them every week.  She takes every risk and chance and for that She’s hot.  Ellen knows the house that she is singing out, since she is from New Orleans.  It seems that Ellen felt a connection to the song.   She loved that she made the song current.  Spectacular.  Kara loved the acapella bit  in the beginning of the song.  She  loves that Sioban is so unique and different.  She surprises them and Kara likes her.  Simon wasn’t quite a fan tonight.  From the interview and what she is wearing, he was underimpressed.  So much better last night where she had that moment last week.  He thought it was a little dark and boring.  He didn’t get it.    866.436.5702

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Lacey Brown:  She sang  ‘The Story of Brandy Carlisle’.  I think that I liked Lacey’s performance tonight (not all the way sure).  She has a way of really connecting to the song, but I don’t know if that performance will keep her around for another week.  Randy thought it was cool, because it was her best performance from her in a long time.  The song was a little boring, but she rocked it.  Ellen agreed.  Really good performance.  Kara thought that it is performances such as this that got her in the competition.  Simon didn’t love love the song, but he thought that she sang it really well.  He likes that she knows how to work the camera and the audience.  It is like she has been doing this for a long time.  866.436.5703

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Katelyn Epperly:  She sang ‘I feel the Earth Move’ by Carole King.  Hmmm….This one was just okay for me.  She definitely seemed like she was trying really really hard, but it didn’t come off as effortless.  I’m sure she will advance though.  I would not download this one.  Katelyn usually rocks, maybe a case of the nerves?  Randy likes that she has Carole King hair tonight, but  he didn’t feel her connection, nothing special about it.  Ellen doesn’t know if that was the song to pick to wow people to pick up the phone and vote.  It wasn’t enought  Kara didn’t feel like she was competing tonight.  Just going through the motions.  She didn’t really seem like she was playing.  Kara doesn’t know what happened and then she put Katelyn on the spot and asked her what she thought happened. (Kara, she doesn’t know….if she did, she wouldn’t have sung this song).  Simon started with the  positive about her performance…… he likes her hair.  Simon thought it was like request night at a restaurant and she is performing a Carole King song for a customer (ouch).  She chose a simple song and didn’t do anything special with it.  Maybe a mistake for her.   866.436.5704

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Didi Benami: She sang ‘Rhiannon’ by Fleetwood Mac.  Hmm….Again…..This is a singing competition.  This song didn’t showcase her strengths.  Seriously, it is like the girls are tired of the competition.  Come on!  Randy thought it was a whole lot better than last week.  Not sure if there was a wow moment this week.  Not the best she can do, but better.  Ellen thought it was yes a deedee Didi.  She was nervous that she was singing this, but she did a good job.  Kara thought it was one of her favorite moments of this season.  She thought that she surprised them with this performance.  Congratulations.  Simon thought it was head and shoulders above anything else that they sang tonight.  For the first time, she proved that she is a performer.  The entire performance was a Wow moment.  Great song & Performance.  Well done.  ( I didn’t get it…..yes, it was pleasant, but she isn’t going to win with the pleasant, folkstyle songs) 866.436.5705

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Paige Miles:  She sang ‘Smile’ by Charlie Chaplin.  Usually, I like Paige’s voice.  But this one just didn’t work at all! I don’t know, I really like this song, but I just wanted it to be over.  I don’t know if she was just off key or what it was, but I felt kind of sad for her.  She didn’t believe what she was singing.  Randy didn’t think it worked.  He thought that the song was too big.  You have to be on your game to sing this.  The melody is too big  (for her) and it went completely flat.  Ellen thought the song was sad and heavy not inspiring like the song is supposed to be.  This may not have been the song to shine.  Kara agreed, this was all wrong for her and questioned her if she knew it was the wrong choice. (Kara is kind of on one tonight, making the girls tell her why they were horrible) Simon thought it was a horrible choice of song.  The arrangement was horrible.  He likened it to a peanut performance when the audience is sitting eating peanuts while the singer performs.  She has made some poor decisions.  Simon thinks that it is a shame because she had so much potential with her great voice, but she has no ideal who she is .  Maybe the end of the road for her tonight.  Paige said sang this song because she loves this song.  Paige is sentimental about this song because she is a huge Michael Jackson fan and he recorded it.  Funny, because  when she started singing, it made me think of Jermaine Jackson singing ‘Smile’ at MJ’s funeral and even though he was crying  and was at  his Brother’s funeral,  his performance was more inspiring. 866.436.5706

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Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘Give Me one Reason’ by Tracy Chapman.  Hmm….I’m a fan of  Crystal, but I don’t know if I loved this one.  She sounded good, but I wasn’t jumping up and down about it.  Just okay this time.  Last week, she blew it out the box, so it’s a little hard for her to live up to that this week.  Randy loved it, loved the song and the honesty.  Ellen thought it was the best performance of the night.  Kara loves that she knows who she is.  More contemporary and she can see the record she would be making.  Simon is confident that she will be in the top 12.  He thinks that she is the one that everyone has to beat.  (The girls in the back are putting their head in the oven now). 866.436.5707

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Lilly Scott:  She sang ‘I Fall To Pieces’.  Interesting.  This girl can definitely switch it up.  She is singing this Country Classic with a Mandolin.   I wonder if they will ding her for switching up.  I’m not sure how much I loved the performance or if I just really love that song.  Randy loves that she sang with a mandolin  and he thinks that this is a  good song for her.  Ellen loves her voice and originality.  Kara thought she made Patsy Cline feel current.  Simon thinks she is very brave picking that song.  But it didn’t have the wow factor.  Could have been a risky thing to do.  866.436.5708

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 Weak Links?  Katelyn Epperly(she isn’t going home though) and Paige Miles