Ryan must get bonuses if he intimidates the contestants….he started out tonight, walking slowly in front of the Contestants as he does introductions of the show.

Lee Dewyze: He sang ‘Fireflies by Owl City.  Lee looks so much more relaxed now that he is reunited with his guitar.  Decent performance.  It wasn’t my favorite, but I thought that he had a good presence and I really like his voice and him.  Randy thought it was a strange song choice, but he liked that he made it his own.  He made it work.  Ellen liked that he made the song a little rock.  Some pitch problems.  She thought it was great and let him know that people have crushes on him.  Kara thought he stepped up and made it a better song with his interpretation.  She liked that he was confident.  Solid job.  Simon thought there was nothing to rave about.  He didn’t have a moment with that song.  Great chance of making the top 12, but Simon thinks that he is better than what he just did.

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Alex Lambert: He sang ‘Trouble’ by Ray Lamontagne.  Love this song.  I think that Alex did a good job on this one.  He is still a little flat, but I do think that he might get dinged for not bringing anything new to the song.  Whatever!  I really enjoyed Alex tonight.  Randy thought that it was a good song choice for him, but he wasn’t wowed by it.  He could have changed it up, done something.  Ellen thinks that he is becoming a mushy banana.  He’s getting riper and riper each week.  She loves his innocence.  She urged him not to lose it or become a cocky banana.  Kara thinks he is the only thing of him gettting in his way is him.  He is so stiff, he needs to let go.  Simon thinks that he has to get himself somewhere else.  Simon advised him to let go….think of Randy in a bikini to help him to have some fun…..I think we know what he means.

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Tim Urban: He sang ‘Hallelujah’ By Tim Buckley.  I think that this song gets sung every season now.  I love this song and I think that everyone else does.  Contestants have figured it out and hope it is an easy score.  I think that Tim scored tonight.  I know this is my favorite performance from him.  He is totally in his zone on his guitar.  Randy thinks that he did a pretty good job of a big song.  Ellen came over to hug him and tell him that he was fantastic tonight; she felt bad for always being so hard on him before.  Kara thought it was an honest interpretation.  She had thought that he would be going home after tonight, but now she thinks that he is in the competition.  Simon thought that he was personally responsible for him doing well last night after what he said last week.  He gave him a confidence boost.  He thought that Tim was very smart with this song.  Not the best version.  but the strongest performance that he has given.  Ellen let Simon know that she thought she was responsible for Tim’s performance.

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Andrew Garcia: He sang ‘Genie In a Bottle’ by Christina Aguilera.  I think that Andrew is hoping to capture some of that magic that he got with his ‘Straight up’ interpretation.  You know?  Hoping that the Judges think he’s clever.  I don’t think it will happen, I wasn’t feeling this one at all.  And I like Andrew, but this didn’t work.  At all.  Randy likes his Cardigan (when the Judges start with compliments, it is not a good sign).  Interesting song and idea, but it didn’t work.  Pitchy.  The song didn’t have any range.  Ellen thought it was a great song choice.  That’s what he needed to do, but the genie came out the bottom a little too late.  Wishes he did something different.  Kara appreciates what he did, but his problem is that he peaked so early in the competition and he has been trying to catch up ever since.  Simon agreed.  He thought it was a little bit desperate.  He has overthought it.  He is kinda going backwards.  Sorry.

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Casey James: He sang ‘You’ll Think of Me’ by Keith Urban.  Unplugged.  I really enjoyed Casey.  He is on a mission to prove he is not Kara’s boy toy.  Kara who?  Randy thought it was a safe choice.  He has more of an edge to him.  Too safe.  Ellen thought it was great.  She liked that he was so comfortable sitting on a stool and playing the guitar.  Kara says that she is kinda back on the Casey train.  It was honest and doing what he does best.  She wants to see more from him.  Simon thought it was his second best.  It made him sincere, but he doesn’t think it will be something that they will be raving about 24 hours from now.  But he thought he sounded great.

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Aaron Kelley:  He sang ‘I’m Already There’ by Lonestar’.  Ooh….rough start.  The good news is that I think that Aaron is getting more comfortable on stage. He seemed relaxed.   The bad news is that he was pitchy as hell tonight.  Not good.  Randy thinks he has the making of something great.  Randy thinks it was well done, but there is still work to do.  Ellen loves him.  She thinks he is real and he has the confidence of someone older.  She thinks the song is too big for him, but he has a great voice.  Not terrific.  Kara loves him, but that song didn’t work for a 16 year old, it wasn’t relevant.  Simon thought it was the right type of song for him to do and it had emotion, but not the best vocal.  He thought it was  a nice song.  (whoa…Simon came to his rescue)

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Todrick Hall: He sang ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen.  I don’t know what the original sounds like, but I liked Todrick tonight.  I liked the Gospel spin on this song.  I wasn’t mad at him.  I hope the Judges are ok with him.  Randy thinks that Todrick is back.  He proved that he can really sing and why he is here.  He loved it.  Ellen thinks he is a brave, brave young man.  She commends him and thought that he did well. It almost sounded like a gospel song.  Kara had to acknowledge that it was good singing.  But there were moments when she didn’t know whether to laugh.  Simon thought he showed that he is a Broadway singer on American Idol.  He thought it was a good song choice and it may have saved him.  Translation…..He rocked it! 

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Michael Lynche: He sang ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Maxwell.   I was extremely worried when I heard Ryan say that Michael was taking on this classic by Maxwell.  Huge song…..Huge…..Colossal…..Could be disastrous!  But it wasn’t.  Awesome  job!  Major props to Michael on this one.  Randy was speechless.  For everyone who doesn’t know.  He feels like calling Maxwell and letting hime know about Michael.  He thought it was  Hot.  Ellen feels like he is the one to beat now.  Now the competition is starting.   Kara was moved to tears by his amazing performance.  Simon hugged and consoled her.  Simon thought his performance was so needed.  The show has been a little boring and he came out and just nailed 100% a very difficult song.  The best performance of all the live shows.

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Weak links tonight?  Andrew and Aaron