After an exciting night last night where the Contestants perofrmed their rendition of hits from the Rolling Stones, we find out who is the 1st of the Top 12 to be sent home.  At this point, it is all gravy, because they will all be on the American Idol Tour. I forgot to announce my pick for bottom 3 last night, but  based on the performances,  I picked Katie, Lacey and Alex.

Simon took a little time out to set Ryan straight about walking up on him last night and getting into his space.

Tonight will be the first time that the Judges will have the option of saving a Contestant if they are voted out.  The Judges will only use the Save Card, if they think that the Contestant is worth saving.  Can we say ouch?  They only get one Save a Season, so needless to say, they probably will not use it tonight!

David Cook Performed The Stones’  “Jumpin Jack Flash’.  David is the next AI Alum who will be going to Africa as part of the ‘Idol Gives back’ program.  Good work!

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Also included was the Contestants as they got to design their own custom Ford Fiestas.  it must be really cool to be an American Idol Contestant.


Paige is in the Bottom 3!  Lee is safe!  Siobhan is safe!!  Aaron is safe!

Andrew and Tim were asked to stand.  Kara is not surprised these two are in the bottom 3 (Yikes)  After the Nationwide vote….Tim is in the bottom 3!  Andrew is safe!

Orianthi performs ‘According To You’.  I swear I never saw this girl until Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’, now I see her all the time.  She is hella talented on her guitar though.  I think I like her.

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Didi is safe!  Crystal is safe!  Katie is safe!  Is it me or does it seem like Ryan is talking an awful lot tonight?  Just announce the contestants! Michael is safe! 
It’s down to Casey and Lacey.  Wow!  It is Lacey who is in the bottom 3!
The bottom 3 are Lacey, Tim and Paige!
Kesha performs ‘Blah Blah’.  Lol, Simon is wishing that he could give a critique!  I know that Kesha is really popular right now, but she really looks like she is a fan of Lady Gaga in a major way to me.
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 Final Elimination:
Ryan reminded us that Paige was a little lost and generic last night while Lacey needs to stop acting when she sings.  Randy is not surprised to see these two ladies on the chopping block tonight.  And the Lady going home is Lacey!  As I listened to Lacey sing, again I know that if American Idol would just hire me as a Creative Consultant, I would never have let her pick this song. 
The Judges are pretending that they are discussing keeping Lacey in the contest.  They aren’t.  They are discussing where they are going to eat dinner.  I’m not sure who thought this ‘Save’ thing up, but it is really cruel.  I mean yeah, it works once a season, but damn….everyone else gets to feel worse than when they found out they were in the bottom 3.
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