Tonight our Top 11 take the stage and we move ahead and tonight we find out who will be on the American Idol Tour.  Only the top 10 get to travel as the American Idol elite.

Tonight they will be performing any song that has appeared on the Top #1 Billboard Hits.  Age is nothing but a number, because Miley Cyrus is the Guest Mentor tonight.  As they reminded us of Miley’s accomplishments, it is pretty huge that she has done so much in her 17 years.  Even so, I am surprised that she is tonight’s Mentor and Coach.  Miley admitted that she is a little nervous about being a Mentor to these contestants when she thinks that they are pretty great. 

Lee Dewyze:  He sang ‘The Letter’ by The Boxtops .  Miley thinks that the only thing that Lee is missing is his stage presence.  Vocally he is great.  As always, I think that Lee sounds great and I can see that he is trying to have more connection with the audience, but it doesn’t come off as natural, because it is not.  I don’t know if he will develop that.  I think I like him in his natural element.    Randy thought it was cool he picked this bluesy cool version and he knocked it out the box.  Ellen compared Lee’s performance to re-finding her favorite pen.  He’s back.   Kara thought he raised the bar and that he sounded better and looked comfortable.  His progress is tremendous.  Simon thought he could have chosen thousands of other songs.  He didn’t think that this was recordable.  It doesn’t define him as a contemporary Recording Artist and he wasn’t having a moment, he thought he came off as corny.  866.436.5701. Video

Paige Miles:  She sang ‘Against All Odds’ by Phil Collins.  Paige was super nervous about meeting Miley.  Miley thinks that Paige is beautiful and that her voice is so powerful, but she has to watch her pitch.  I’m nervous for her at just hearing her song choice.  From the first note, I know this was not a good choice for Paige.  She completely took all of the soul and feeling out of this song that Phil put in it effortlessly and she is pitchy as hell.  This was horrible.  I’m embarrassed for her.  Randy is speechless…almost.  He thought it was terrible.  Nothing came together at all.  Ellen pointed out that she didn’t fall down in those heels and she looks stunning and then passed to Kara.  Kara thinks she stopped competing and stopped listening.  This song is so big and she took on the Mariah version.  It was the worst vocal she has heard from her and possibly from the season.  Simon asked her how she thought she did and she rambled on about something (at this point,  I realized she was clueless).  Simon thought that tt seemed like there were 5 of her singing and all of them were pitchy.  He agrees that she stopped competing and believing in herself.  She may be in serious trouble.  866.436.5702. video

 Tim Urban: He sang ‘Crazy little Thing Called Love’ by Queen.  Miley thinks that he is great and not boring at all.  She thinks that he needs to work it and she gave him two thumbs up.  Really nervous for Tim, before he starts.  Decent job.  Actually his voice sounded pretty good and this was a perfect choice for his voice.  He still seems like he is trying really hard and his stage performance seem forced.  Randy reminded him that this is a singing competition.  Bad karaoke.  Nothing exciting in his performance.  Ellen thought it was like an audition for ‘High School Musical’.  He will have fans who will love it, but she didn’t get it.  Kara thought it was Zac Efron and Hairspray.  He took the song and didn’t do much with it.  He is not at that place yet where he should be reaching into the crowd, like he is rocking the house.  Simon thought the sliding was good, because it distracted from the song.  It was completely and utterly pointless and silly.  He is not actually taking part in the contest.  He has a Zero chance of winning and this is 2 weeks of picking silly silly songs.  (ouch) 866.436.5703. Video

Aaron Kelly: He sang ‘I don’t Want to Lose Your Love’ by Aerosmith.   Aaron announced that he has  laryngitis and tonsillitis.  Aaron has a crush on Miley, so he was a little starstuck.  He was wowed, because she saw him sing her song ‘The Climb’.  She thinks he is incredible and when she gave him a hug, he was so juiced.  Everyone is taking on Icons tonight.  Hmmm.  And when he started, I begin to think that the young lad would be the first to pull it off tonight.  He didn’t try to go out of his vocal abilities, but the song didn’t have a wow moment.  The singer is supposed to go there and put emotion into the chorus.  Randy didn’t think it was perfect, but he Thanked God that he took the stage and sang after the others.  Ellen loved it and thought she could tell that he is sick, because this is the first time he has been a little pitchy.  Kara thought it was the best song choice of the night.  She would like more stage presence.  Simon thought it was brave and he is a little tryer.  For his age, he is making himself old fashioned, but there is zero chance he will go home and asked for the audience to give hims a hand.  Nice  866.436.5704. video

Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ by Janis Joplin.  Miley loved Crystal’s interpretation and pushed her to do a little more with the big notes.  Crystal asked for Miley to sign her guitar (as she does all powerful and strong women performers)  I’m knowing that this will be a good fit.  I really like Crystal.  She is awesome each week.  I know that she has been performing at subway stations for sometime, but this girl plays like she has been on the stage for years.  Randy said that Crystal has shown them how to do it.  This is what it is about.  He is so happy.  Ellen was so happy to hear that she sang this.  She felt that she would love to see a little bit more connection from her with the audience.  Ellen would like to see more of her receiving the love from her fans. But there is nothing wrong with the performance.  Kara thought that she saw more from her this week.  Kara asked if she has ever considered putting the guitar down.  Simon disagreed and said that he wouldn’t change anything.  Up until now, they have heard Karoake and now that they have her giving a performance that is just as good as Pink’s rendition of the song.  He will take it.  She doesn’t need to change.  She took the song and nailed it and her only prop was a carpet.  I agree.  866.436.5705. Video

Michael Lynche:  He sang ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ by Percy Sledge.     Michael came out and gave Miley one of those big hugs that looks like they hurt.  Miley was surprised that he sang the whole song to her and she loved it.  This is one of my songs, so I am a bit more critical of anyone who takes it on.  I think this was a decent performance, but it left me getting my IPOD ready, so that when Idol goes off, I can listen to the original.  I needed more soul in there.  Randy thought that it wasn’t the best vocal he had, but he loves that he knows who he is and he sings his best everytime he hits the stage.  Ellen thought it was safe and this woman loves that man.  He has a great voice.  Kara thought it was a bit boring and loungy at times.  Over indulgent with too many rifts.  Simon compared it to wanting 1 scoop of ice cream and getting 11 scoops.  He would have advised him to just do it simply with a piano and reminded him that he’s trying to make an old song relevent.  The good news is that Mike has tons of charisma and he can sing.  866.436.5706.  Video

Andrew Garcia:  He sang ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine’.   Andrew was a little star struck and forgot his lyrics while singing for Miley.  She recommended that he put his guitar down when he sings.  ooh, not feeling this one.  Marvin is one of those singers that I just feel it’s a little disrespectful to get up and take on his song.  Wait….I think he Moonwalked….  It’s not that it is bad, it’s just not good.  I think he is also doing too much with his dropping like it is hot dance moves as well.  Randy said that it wasn’t good.  Wrong song choice.  Not the kind of vocal he is.  Not good.  Ellen hopes that his fans vote for him.  Wasn’t fantastic and not the type to get people to vote.  Kara feels bad for him.  He is chasing that brilliant moment.  He seems that he is really confused.  He was like a puppet being led, it was like it wasn’t even him.  He is far from the good moment.  Simon said that maybe they just overrated that version at that time.  The arrangement was horrific.  He sucked the soul out of that song.  He was really corny and Simon doesn’t think that he knows who he is as an Artist.  866.436.5707.  Video

Katie Stevens:  She sang ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ by Fergie.  Katie loved working with Miley since she is so successful and the same age.  Miley thinks if she shows confidence on the stage, she should be great.  I don’t know what it is about Katie, but no matter what she does, she seems so much older than she is.  Maybe it is her big voice.  I’m not sure, but she doesn’t seem like she is having fun and she was pitchy tonight.  The song was a little big for her I think.  Randy loved that she listened to the Judges with a younger song and young clothes.  Ellen thought she sounded great.  The Dakota Fanning of American Idol.  Kara thinks this is the lane for her.  A different Katie.  There were mad pitch issues, but this is where she belongs.  Simon thinks that her meeting Miley was the greatest thing that could have happen to her.  She looks great tonight.  He still believes that she is a Country Singer and she would have a larger appeal in that field.  866.436.5708.  Video

Casey James: He sang ‘Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis and the News.  Casey told Miley that he is a huge fan of her Dad’s (not a good opener).  Miley advised her to make the crowd a part of his performance and make eye contact.  This is a good song for Casey.  I love this song and I really enjoy the soul Horn Players in the Balcony.  Vocals and his Guitar playing are hot.  They might ding him for not bringing more to the original, but he rocked!  Randy loves him playing the guitar.  He wasn’t a fan of the song choice.  But he did well and he believed it.  Ellen wasn’t a fan of the choice, but she loved it.  Best of the night.  Kara loved it and she can see hear him on the radio now.   He is in a zone.  Simon doesn’t know what Kara is listening to.  He didn’t make the song current, didn’t bring anything new to the song.  It was like listening to an 80’s cover band.  866.436.5709.  Video

Didi Benami:  She sang ‘You’re No Good’ by Linda Rondstadt.  Miley loves the Bravado of her voice and hopes she showcases it.  Didi admitted that she was a little nervous and asked for some feedback from her.  Didi didn’t sound very good in practice.  Hope, she is better tonight.  Didi looks great, but I wasn’t feeling this one.  She does sound better tonight than in the rehearsal and she is into it.  But I don’t see what the Judges see in her.  Randy loves the idea of it, but the pitches were all over the place, never quite got the pitch right.  Ellen doesn’t get the song choices.  Kara felt like she was playing a character, didn’t seem like it was her tonight and she was confused.  Simon thought ther was a certain irony that she was screaming over and over ‘I’m no good’.  It was like a musical that she learned and rehearsed, but it sucked the life out of her.  He felt that she was picking up the acting void that Lacey left last week.  866.436.5710.  Video

Siobhan Magnus:  She sang ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder.  Miley was really excited to hear Siobhan sing.  Siobhan admitted that she has rocked out to Miley and she liked that Hannah Montana said her voice had swagger.  For the first time, I wasn’t in love with Siobhan.  Yes, she did her thing, but the interpretation just left me flat.  She can sing and hit some great notes, but this was just okay.  And I am not amazed by the end note anymore.  Predictable.  Randy loves that she is fearless.  He thought it was great.  Loved she went for it and she inspires.  Ellen wanted to hear more.  So good.  Kara loved that she expresses herself more than any one else and she sees how comfortable she is on the stage.   The end note is unbelievable.  Simon thought that she will get some who loved her performance, but more who didn’t.  He advised her to that the screaming at the end, she has to reverse it.  He doesn’t think she hits the notes now like she did before.  She (like the others, except Crystal) needs to reinvent herself and push herself to be relevent.  (ouch)866.436.5711.  Video

 A lot of weak links tonight!  But I’m thinking that Didi, Paige, Tim and Andrew have a shot at the bottom 3.  Paige should go home for sure.