This night is one of the crucial Moments of the competition.  We find out who is in the Top 10 and who will be in the Tour.  And we will get to see if the Judges use their Save Option to keep in the contestant who is voted out tonight.  Before I hear anything, I think it is a safe thought that they will not use that save tonight.

Top 11 Perform Wham’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’

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Ford Music Video ‘Our Time Now’
Ryan asked Casey to give us some insight into what was going on last night.  He had jitters about messing up lyrics.  Siobhan’s boss is there tonight and he will not shave until she wins and her friends have put on some interesting  make up all in support.  Katie’s Dad is not in the house, because it is too difficult for him to see the look on his kid’s face when they compete.  He’s in a bar having a drink.  Big Mike was shown in a clip with his little Princess.  Mike stays with his wife and baby every night.  He feels so blessed.
Siobhan is safe.  Lee and Casey were asked to stand up and wait on their fate.   Then he asked Tim and Paige to stand.  Randy was asked who is in the bottom 3?  Tim or Paige?  Actually, Both are in the bottom 3.
Miley Cyrus performed ‘When I look At you’.  I think that Miley is maturing as a singer.  She is still a pretty nasal kind of singer, but now it doesn’t sound like fingernails on the chalkboard.  I can actually see more of her appeal now and she came across as really likeable last night.  After her performance, Miley said that she understands the Tough Love that the Judges are showing the contestants, but she wouldn’t want to be a recipient of that love.  Also, she loved Tim’s Knee slide.
Aaron Kelly is safe.  Didi Benami is confused about what the Judges want from her.  She thinks that they just want her to sit down and play the guitar and she wants to try new things.  Ellen gave the nice version of she needs to pick nice songs.    Simon thinks she overthinks everything.  She has to pick good songs and sing them well.  She is safe in her confusion.  Michael Lynche is safe.  I like Crystal.  When asked who is she going to listen to Simon or Kara?  She said ‘Me’. 
It is down to Katie and Andrew.  Katie did considerably better than Andrew last night.  Doesn’t matter though.  Andrew is safe.
Katie, Paige and Tim are our Bottom 3.  The first person safe and going on tour is Katie.
 Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas ‘Make A Wave’  Cute duet from newly announced couple.
Final Eliminations:
The person going home tonight after the Nationwide vote is Paige unless the Judges save her.  Simon’s words encouragement summarized:  Regardless of you singing, You’re going to end up going home tonight.  Not working.  We’re not going to save you.   And it is a 100% unanimous.  He also advised her to go back to the place she was at when they first met her.  Wow…..