Last night, The Artists performed to keep their spot in the competition.  The first elimination has to be the worst!  I would hate to be the first to go home. 


The first couple safe is Buzz and Ashley.  The first couple in the Bottom 2 is Pamela and Damien.  I sure didn’t see that coming.  I guess the Men are watching, but not voting!

Recap of last night’s performances.

Aiden’s Fox trot was an improvment.  Jake showed great potential and he is one to watch.  Shannen was quite strong and she can do very well.  Niecy was fantastic and he didn’t expect it.  Chad really disappointed.  Buzz did very well for an 80 year old man.  Kate’s nerves are getting the better of her and she needs more confidence.  Pamela can go quite a long way and she can get into character.  Erin was pretty fluid, but she needs to show more.  Evan was great with his Jive.  Nicole is a fantastic Dancer. 

At this point, Nigel says he doesn’t have a clue who is leaving tonight.

Nicole and Derek got the nod to repeat their fantastic Jive. 

 Michael Jackson’s Choreographers  created a dance for the Pros to perform for us. 

Adam Corolla gave his feedback on the Season so far


Aiden and Edyta are safe!  Also safe is Niecy and Louis! 

Brooke had some words backstage with Pamela and Buzz.  Pamela is obviously stunned that she is at risk and Buzz could have really been a Politician when I listen to him to him explain why he is still in the competition.

John Stamos performs with The Beach Boys.  They sang a medley of some of their biggest hits.

Len’s Commandments of Dance

Thou shall not kill time (he doesn’t like gimmicks- just dance)

Thou shall not take the Judg’es names in vain.

Thou shall not steal dance moves.

Thou shall not Interrupt me.

Thou shalt not do Lifts (Carrie Ann is watching)

Thou Shalt have Shiny Rhinestones (keep it sparkly)

Thou Shalt Honor The Judges with Gifts

The Judges are issuing a challenge next week.  They want them to tell a story through the dance.  The choreographers look like WTF!


Evan and Anna are safe.   Jake and Chelsie are also safe.  And Nicole and Derek will dance next week.

DWTS is providing Aide to Haiti to help the Country recover from Devastating Earthquake.  Haitian Dancers performed to show their support of their Country and giving hope to their homeland.  Visit for more on how you can help.


Erin and Maks are safe.  Chad and Cheryl are also safe. 

Pamela & Damien  and Shannen & Mark and Kate & Tony are in the bottome 3.

Kate & Tony are safe.

Final Elimination

The 1st  couple to leave the competition with the lowest combined score is Shannen and Mark!  Although, I know this is a Popularity contest, it still surprises me when the wrong contestant goes home!!!