The results are in and tonight we find out who is going home.  American Idol went over the top with their opening tonight.  Some Strange ‘Clash of The Titans’ Advertisement intertwined with American Idol.  I don’t get it.  Besides the eliminations tonight, Usher will perform as well as Diddy and Dirty Money Perform.

Ruben Studdard sang ‘Don’t Make Em Like U No More ‘  and he is sounding and looking very good.  After the performance, he reported  that he is now a Vegan.  Looks like that is working well for him and I wish him much luck.  He is working out everyday.  Big Mike came over and gave him some tips on working out.  Video

Ford Music Video They sang ‘Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting’.  Video

Ryan let us know that The Idols went to a Screening of ‘The Clash of The Titans’  Perks are nice.  Okay, now I understand the opening alot better.


Lee Dewyze is safe.  Casey is safe.  Aaron is in the bottom 3. 

Siobhan is  safe!  Katie is in the bottom 3.  Simon told Katie that he is frustrated with her, because she has not taken his advice and performed more Country songs.  I think that Country will really work for Katie, because her strong voice really reminds me of Carrie Underwood and I’m sure that is where Simon is coming from. 

Justin Bieber was in the Audience and he was there to support his Mentor Usher.  Justin is signed to Usher’s Label.  Nice.

Usher performed his new song.  And for the first time, I didn’t like Usher’s new song.  Too much unnecessary Autotune.  Can the Autotune just go away?  Please!!!!!   Maybe it will grow on me, but usually I feel him right away.  Will I Am  joins him on stage and it still doesn’t get better.  Pity.  Video


Didi Benami is in the Bottom 3.  Michael Lynche is safe.  Crystal Bowersox is safe. 

It’s down to Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia.  And it is Tim who is in the bottom 3.  Andrew is safe.

Our bottome 3 are Didi, Katie and Tim.  The first person safe is Katie.

Diddy and Dirty Money performed ‘Good Morning’.  Video

Final Eliminations:

Didi is in danger of going home and she decides to sing Rihanna to save her spot.  I just think this is cruel and unusual punishment to make them sing this final plea to keep them in the Contest.   They arent’s going to keep her. 

Bad news.  Didi is going home.  Video