Last week, we said goodbye to Shannen Doherty, who will it be this week? 

Tom Bergeron says the DWTS was the most watched show last week.  No wonder American Idol’s Simon took a verbal swipe last week.

Group Demonstration of the Waltz, The Paso Doble and The Quick Step by The Pros.  Video

This week, The Contestants will tell stories through their performance.

Evan and Anna:  They Danced the Quickstep.  They were 2nd on the liter board last week, so they are looking for a repeat.  Their story is that they are husband and wife who gets mad because she is late and he is waiting on her.   I thought  that this was a great Quickstep.  Evan is so ahead of the game.  Loved it.  And apparently, Evan performed this dance on several broken toes (Wow).  Unbelievable and the Judges know that it too.   Len thought he was dancing on air.  Light and full on, but he needs to work on he feet.  This was a great start.  Bruno loved it.  Carrie Ann thought it was great.  Wonderul finesse.     (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-9=26  800.868.3406  Video

Buzz and Ashly:  They danced The Waltz. I like Buzz; he definitely has a quality about him when he dances.   The story is about a Soldier coming home from the  War and his daughter has been waiting for him.  Buzz continues to put his all into it and they are hoping to get some higher scores this week, since they have had the lowest score for 2 weeks.  Tonight, I enjoyed this dance.  It was a good story even though  it wasn’t perfect, it worked.  Bruno thought it was like return of the King, but  he likened him to a statue, sometimes.  Carrie Ann thought they definitely told the story well.  Len thought it was charming, but it was over simplified.  800.868.3407   Video

Jake and Chelsie:  They danced The Quickstep.  Chelsie is really pushing Jake, because she knows that he can come with it, so she is hoping to bring that out in him.  They had to separate from each other and calm down, but they pulled it together.  More Soap Opera antics.  Their story is that he is on a Safari and he runs into an African Femme Fatale.   All three judges thought that it was great story telling, but cautiioned him to work on his technique and not to be so stiff.  7’s all around and Jake got a score of 21.  800.868.3404  Video

Niecy and Louis: They danced the Waltz.  Len thought that emotionally they nailed it, gotta work on the footwork.  Bruno thought that they were great with the theatrics, but they have to work on their technique.  Carrie Ann thought that the emotion was there and she was glad that she chose this story, but it was a little confusing in the way that she told it.  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann-7, Bruno-7=21  800.868.3405  Video

Chad and Cheryl:  They danced the Paso Doble.  Last week, Chad scored pretty low, so he is determined to come back this week.    Chad says that this dance is Art imitating Life, because she keeps pushing him away.  Apparently, not anymore.  They two were seen kissing earlier, so I was right that they definitely have something going on.   This was a decent Paso Doble, but I felt like Chad needed to match Cheryl’s intensity and work on his footwork.  I think that she out danced him.  But it was a good dance and I liked that he was obviously dancing for this woman that he wanted.  Bruno thought his  Power and presence was back.  What a difference from last week.  Carrie Ann thought that he really wanted the girl and he used that desire to deliver.  Much better.  Len thought it was much better than last week, needs to work on his posture.  (MAC-7) Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Bruno-7=21  800.868.3401  Video

Pamela and Damien:  They danced the Paso Doble.  Pamela was really scared last week about landing in the bottom 2.  The Gyspy is in love with the Matador, but she is against what he stands for.  They had a Rocky start to their dance.  It looked like he almost dropped her.  This was the first time, I saw Pamela struggle in a dance, but she pulled off telling the story.  Carrie Ann totally got the story, but she thought that her body moves beautifully.  She thought that she threw  herself off a bit.  Len thought that she was focused, but she needs refinement.  It was a very good dance.  Bruno compared her to Bridgette Bardot in her prime.  Bruno thinks that she has a lot of potential.  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7=21    800.868.3411  Video

Aiden and Edyta:  They danced the Quickstep  Aiden improved so much last week, he is hoping to keep it going.  Aiden’s wife came to practice to give him a boost and for some birthday love.   I really wasn’t feeling the music paired with this dance, but I thought that they did a good job.  He has improved so much since the first week, everything works now.  Len thought the dance was careful, whereas the Quickstep should be carefree.  Bruno thought that he was like a little kid skipping across the meadow.  But better this week.  800.868.3409  Video

Erin and Maks:  They danced the The Waltz.  Erin is a favorite and doing well, I hope that her performance is not hindered by the crazy stalker who is harrassing her in real life.  This dance involves her wearing a blindfold.  Difficult!  But I guess, she really has great trust in her partner and it shows.  Bruno thought she needs to continue her movements.  Great dancer who he would like to see back next week.  Carrie Ann thought it was beautiful story telling.  She liked that she trusted him.  Breathtakingly graceful.  Len thought it was the most boring start he ever saw.  It took forever to start.  What she did well, he liked, but she just didn’t do enought of it. Len is such a hater.   (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Bruno-8     800.868.3403  Video

Kate and Tony:  They danced the Paso Doble.  Their story is that the Paparazzi is chasing Kate.  Kate should really nail this one, I think that her real life drama will help her bring the intensity.  She is crying again in practice.  I’m hoping this will be the end of the crying….There’s no crying in dancing!  Kate channeled some of her frustration into a punching bag and hopes that she is able to transfer that intensity into the dance.  Tony also had an Acting Coach come in to bring something (anything) out of Kate.   Oh noooo.  This dance tonight just didn’t work.  She looks like she is  walking through it in a tranze.   Carrie Ann-  ‘That was odd’.  ‘Very hard to watch’ and the emotion didn’t get into Kate’s  face.  Very strange.  Len liked she got through the dance.  Got through it, but it wasn’t very good.  Bruno thought that it was a good thought that she played the part ‘Super Bitch from hell’.  She has to get to that place where she is dancing, she looked like she was walking.   (MAC-5), Carrie Ann-5, Len-5, Bruno-5=15  800. 868.3410  Video

Nicole and Derek:  They danced the Quickstep.  Last week, Nicole scored big with 2 perfect scores.  This week their story is about 2 sailors slacking off.  They practiced on a ship to  get into character.  Nicole was kind of freaking out in rehearsal, probably because she has to live up to her perfect scores.  No worries.  Excellent dance.  Standing O.  Len thought that she took the title of the song to literally “anything goes’.  This was not a Quicksstep and he rambled on about how he wasn’t happy with it (blah, blah, blah).  He thought it was a lot of Vaudeville. Bruno thought it was incredible as a performance but he had to agree with Len; this was not a Quickstep. Carrie Ann saw some lifts, but she wants to see them when they take it on the road.  (MAC-9),  Carrie Ann-8-, Len-6,  800.868.3404  Video

Weak Links tonight:  KATE and Buzz (But they are probably not going home)