After the Contestants Performances, we find out tonight who didn’t make the cut or who is the most popular!  DWTS wasted no time and got right down to business with who was going home. 


Aiden and Edyta are safe.

Erin and Maks are safe.

Repeat Performance

Evan and Anna got the Nod to Repeat their fabulous Quickstep.

Guest Performance

Country legend Reba McEntire performed ‘I Want A Cowboy’


Niecy and Louis are safe

Derek and Chelsie perform


Nicole and Derek are Safe

Pamela and Damien are safe

Guest Performance

Reba McEntire performs ‘Consider Me Gone’


Evan and Anna are safe

Chad and Cheryl are safe

Buzz and Ashly are in the bottom 2!

Jake and Chelsie are in the bottom 2!

and Kate and Tony are safe.  Is there any justice in the world?  What are Jake and Chelsie doing in the bottom 2 this early in the competition.  Kate should send out little Thank You Tweets to her loyal TLC fans on Twitter.

An the couple going home are Buzz and Ashly!  Check out their exit interview on Jimmie Kimmel

Part 1

Part 2