USweekly is reporting that DWTS Pro Tony cannot stand his Celebrity Partner Kate Gosselin and is counting the days until they are kicked out the competition, just so he won’t have to endure her Temper tantrums anymore.

According to one, the “argumentative” reality mom, 35, snapped at Dovolani, 36, during a particularly frustrating practice at her Pennsylvania home: “I’m the reason anyone knows your name,” she spat, “so give me a break!”

Gosselin has even commanded that Dovolani enter her house through the basement door, rather than the front entrance. “She says it’s quicker, but she’s just showing him she’s the boss,” a Gosselin source says.

“They hate each other,” a DWTS insider says. “Backstage, she will back him into a wall to talk, and he won’t listen or look at her.”

Dovolani hasn’t kept quiet about the friction, either. The dancer “complains to producers about how impossible she is. He doesn’t want to be around her unless he has to,” a source recounts.

Adds another, “Not only is Kate the worst dancer, but she’s nasty. It’s an ongoing joke how Tony got the short end of the stick when he was assigned to Kate.”

 I was blogging about this last week that Tony looked like he was hoping that they got sent home and I guess it’s true.  Kate just seems to be so difficult to get along with!  And Tony truly seems like he can get along with anyone…until he met Kate.  She’s controlling, argumentative and so used to telling Jon what to do, I think she thinks that is the way to communicate with Men.  Don’t get me wrong, Jon is no walk in the park.  I really think that no one else will really be able to tolerate  understand them and they will end up back together.  Although, their possible reconciliation does make me start praying right away for the children.  Let’s hope that they keep the Nannies no matter what.