DWTS is on fire.  For the second week in a row, DWTS had the top ratings.  There will be 2 sets of scores tonight from our Judges who will score the Dancers on Performance  & Technical.   Also, tonight, each caller will be allowed 9 calls when voting.  Tonight is Passion Night and the Dancers will perform either The Rumba or The Tango.    I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s result show when Sade will perform!

Two Pros demonstrate the Tango where the Judges would like to see the Viennesse Waltz, Outside Check and the Contra Check Techniques included in each dance.  Video

Maks and Erin:  They danced the Tango.   This was a decent Tango.   I thought at times though, it looked a little awkward.  Len thought this was a full on Tango.   He had worried that she would have difficulty with the aggressiveness of the dance, but no problem whatsoever.   Len thought that Erin has too many steps on the foot, got to get on her heel.  Good job.  Bruno thought they started very well, but then they went wrong and they never recovered.  Carrie Ann thinks that it suffered because of her need to get everything right.   She thought that the technique got the best of Erin.  Technical Score: (MAC-6) Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 6, Bruno-6  18  & Performance Score: (MAC-6)  Carrie Anne Inaba- 7,  Len-7, Bruno-7 =21  Total of 39 out of 60.  888.868.3403   Video

Evan and Anna:  They danced the Tango.  Last week, they scored at the top of the Liter Board.  Len’s warning to work on his Footwork is ringing in Evan’s head.  Since Evan broke two toes last week, Anna is really trying to push him without anymore injuries.  Tonight- Excellent dance!  I swear, this guy breaks better with injuries.  The choreography was great and I thought they were totally in a zone.  Bruno thought it was powerful and strong.  The dance was spot on.  Carrie Ann could really see how his practicing on his foot work paid off.  Len thought that he nailed the footwork and he was very pleased.    Technical Score:  (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-9=27   &  Performance Score:  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-9=27   52 out of 60   888.868.3406  Video

The Judges gave some feedback on where the contestants may struggle with The Tango and The Rumba.  Dimitry and Kym Johnson came out to perform the Rumba where the Contestants will have to include 3 distinct moves: The Sliding Doors, The Spiral and the Rope spin.  Kym is just out here in her underwear.  Is that ok?  It’s like all these people walking around in their Pajamas in public…..I don’t get it!  Video

Niecy and Louis:  They danced the Rumba.  Last week, Niecy was passionate, but the Judges would like to see more technique from her.  Louis visited Niecy on the set of her Reality Show ‘Cleaning House’.  Louis knows that this dance is a spiritual dance, so he dedicates this dance to her late Brother who died 17 years ago.  Niecy credits her Angel (late Brother)  and some caffeine for helping her.  I think that they took too long to get things moving and unfortunately, things were kind of awkward and there was stumbling.  I just think that Niecy could have shined if the she had more to deal with.  Aww…she went and hugged her Mom.  Len thought that the opening showed beautiful dance.  He would have liked more hip action.  No highlights a bit boring.  Bruno knows she was trying, but he needed more coloring.  Didn’t get like in a tranze.  Carrie Ann could feel her emotion and connection.  But it didn’t read well in the dance and it seemed like she was dancing harder in her head than on the floor (ouch).  Technical Score (MAC-6) Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Bruno-6=18    &    Performance Score:  (MAC-6), Carrie Ann-6, Len-6,  Bruno-6=18   36 out of 60  888.868.3405  Video

Aiden and Edyta:  They danced the Rumba.  In practice, Aiden is shy and he doubts himself all the time.  Don’t let the good looks and smooth taste fool you!!  He is a little freaked out when he performs.  They went on a Cruise ship and they performed in front of all of the guests (and got some more votes).   Hmm…this dance was okay. No excitement to this dance.   Aiden was a little stiff and he looked like he was really thinking hard, but he looked happy.  Still so much better and improving every week though.  Carrie Ann started with the positive.  Connected andcomfortable.  More movement from shoulders, should come from the bottom up.  Len thought he acted out the dance, but no flow to it.  All stop and start.  No musicality.  Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse…..    Bruno thought that he had alot of blue steel.  He thought he was like a mechanical Robot.  The movements did not flow and they have to come from the bottom.   Technical Score (MAC-6) Carrie Ann-5, Len-5, Bruno-5=15    &    Performance Score:  (MAC-6), Carrie Ann-6, Len6-,  Bruno-6=18  33  out of 60  888.868.3409 Video

Nicole and Derek:  They danced the Rumba.   Last week, Len was pretty pissed about Nicole’s performance.  This week, they had to work on being serious and loving couple, which will be challenging since they are both goofballs in practice.  This dance is about technique and she is hoping to win a place in Len’s heart. Tonight:  Beautiful and flawless dance.  I loved it.  Bruno thought that she was an unattainable object of desire.  But he thought that she showed some hesitations tonight for the first time.  He knows that she is trying to please Len, but you can’t please everyone.  He could have more hip action from her.  He needs more sex from her.  Carrie Ann thought she was nervous tonight.  The Rumba is so slow and revealing.  Her ankles were quivering.   She liked that she hit traditional lines. Out of her game in her mind tonight.   Len thought she got the balance right, because it is a tough dance.  Her sliding doors were overly exaggerated.  But she is a great dancer and a wonderful performer.    Technical Score (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-9, Len-,8 Bruno8-= 25   &    Performance Score:  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, Len-8,  Bruno-9=   50 out of 60  888.868.3408  Video

Jake and Chelsie:  They danced the Tango.   Last week, Jake was in the bottom 2 and he really doesn’t want to be there again.  He is ready to let his guard down and trust his Pro (as his shirt states).  Jake is doing push ups in practice anytime he says that he can’t do something.  Gotta stay positive.  Tonight:  I think that they danced pretty well, but there were several hiccups andsome stiff ness going on.  Jake looks like he is having fun though.  Len liked that he attacked the dance.  He liked his enthusiasm, but it all started to fall apart because of it, but well done.  Bruno thought this tango was messy.  Lost posture.  Footwork was questionable.  It has to be clean.  Carrie Ann thinks that the way he holds her is a problem.  Shows lack of connection, but she loved his performance.  Technical Score (MAC-6) Carrie Ann-6, Len-7, Bruno-7= 20  &    Performance Score:  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann-7, Len-6,  Bruno-6=  38 out of 60  888.868.3404  Video

Kate and Tony:  They danced the Rumba.  Last week, Kate’s Paso Doble was possibly the worst in DWTS’ history.   In practice, Kate struggles in everyday life are impacting her performances.  Tony encouraged her to be true to herself and not let him (I’m assuming Jon) win.  Kate apologized to Tony that he was given her as a partner (I am empathic as well for Tony).  Another repeat performance.  She really does look like she is sleep dancing.  And the dance just doesn’t go any where.  They are so flat….The Rumba MUST be harder than it looks.  Tom lied and said that she looks like she is having fun.  Bruno thought she was having a Mini breakthrough tonight.  At moments he believed she was dancing.  don’t get excited, the technique is still really bad.  Carrie Ann is really proud of her performance.  And she spotted a slight lift.  Len thinks that Tony has done a brilliant job getting Kate to her best performance so far.  (I didn’t get it)  Technical Score (MAC-5) Carrie Ann-4, Len-5, Bruno-5= 14   &    Performance Score:  (MAC-4), Carrie Ann-6, Len-6,  Bruno-6=18  32   out of 60  888.868.3410  Video

Chad and Cheryl:  They Danced The Rumba.  In practice, Chad is full of personality and love for Cheryl who (incidently) thought he was having a hard time with the Romance.  Cad is having a great time in practice as he proclaims that he loves her.  He gave her a bling-bling ring to prove it.  Tonight- I’m actually really liking their dance.  I think that theirs may be the best of the night.  Very nice.  Carrie Ann thought he turned on the heat and this is his best dance. His posture is so  improved.  ‘Great Hip action’. ‘ Damn’  Len thought it was his best dance with improvement in posture and technique.  Bruno thinks the hunk is smoldering tonight.  Fluid.  He sustained the lines.  Very few men do that.   Technical Score (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Bruno-8 = 21    &    Performance Score:  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, Len-7,  Bruno-8=23   44  out of 60  888.868.3401  Video

Pamela and Damien:  They danced The Rumba.   This week, Pammy needs to tone down some of her sex appeal to be convincing in this dance.  She has to show the Judges she is refining her movements.  Pam doesn’t have a Man in her life right now and it feels especially nice to dance with Damien.  Go Pam!  I thought she was really sensitive, graceful and she sold this dance and yes, she just busted out and did the splits.  All the Men are on their feet.  Len thought is was quiet, it had sophistication.  Her spiral was very good, but he thought she was a little overdressed.  Bruno thought that she could be refined and still drop dead sexy.  Best dance she has she done.  Carrie thought iwas profound and magic.  There was something weird going on with her arms.  But other than that (oh Carrie Ann), good job.  Pam cracks me up when she talks, all this girl can do is make sexual inuendos. Technical Score (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Bruno-8=    &    Performance Score:  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, Len-7,  Bruno-9=    47 out of 60  888.868.3411 Video

Weak Links:   Kate and Niecy