Tonight is guaranteed to be interesting!  The Top 9 will take on The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.  This week, the Idols took a celebrated trip to Vegas to celebrate Elvis’ legacy at Viva Vegas.  And the Guest Mentor tonight is American Idol Alum and Favorite Adam Lambert.   Adam is honored to be there on this night, because he loves Elvis and considers him the ultimate showman.  Adam is in the House and he is the first Contestant to comback and be a Mentor.

And of course, all of the Idol Hopefuls will have to work extra hard, since the Judges’ 1 Save of the Season was used last week to keep Big Mike in the Competition.  That’s right, the safety net is gone!

Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘Saved’.   Adam thinks that Crystal has an awesome and authentic voice.  He advised her to use an Electric guitar and to let her dreads down, so she can be herself.  The Dreads are up actually tonight.  No surprise here, Crystal rocked on her rendition.  She brought all of the Gospel flavor that this song commands.  The girl is bad!  Randy thinks that every week, she always comes out and gives it up.  Dope.  He likened her to a second coming of Bonnie Raitt.  Ellen is tired of telling her how great she is, so instead she wished everyone a birthday wish.  Kara loved it.  Great performance.  Did some great things tonight.  Simon made a funny before he stated that he loved that she picked a less obvious song, original and that she put her own spin on it.  Great job.  866.436.5701  Video

Andrew Garcia:  He sang ‘Hound Dog’.  Adam was totally honest in rehearsal.  Adam flat out told him that his version was boring and he needed more.  He thinks that he needs to step his game up, because we know the song.  Adam encouraged him to make it his.  Tonight, I can definitely see Andrew took his advice, because he did switch it up and it doesn’t sound like Karoake.  Uh oh…he’s on the move.  He is walking with the mic.  He’s feeling it.  Decent performance.  Randy didn’t like it.  Not good.   karoake.  This was Elvis…. one of the greatest ever.  In short, Randy just  didn’t like it at all.  Ellen wished he put more into it.  She liked it.  Kara thought he was dragging the mic like a crutch.  She needed swagger from him.  Simon thought it was lazy and predictable.  Didn’t feel like the star performance, but rather the part in the musical that you really don’t want to hear.   866.436.5702  Video

Cute.  Ryan is sitting with his Mom.  She is grinning like a bag of Doritos.

Tim Urban:  He sang ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’.  Adam thought that Tim did a really good job and he liked his voice.  He gave Tim some advice on how to switch things up and to show his vulnerability.  I think that Tim did a good job.  I don’t know if I was a fan of the falsetto.  But decent job and good pick for his voice.  Hmm…during his song, Ryan is dancing with another man I believe……  Randy liked it (surprise).  Ellen really enjoyed it.  She can’t help falling in love with him.  Kara thought it was her favorite Tim performance.  Authentic.  Real.  Meaningful.  Well done.  Simon feels that he has went from zero to hero in two weeks.  Good song.  He doesn’t need much.  He has taken their advice.  Good job.  Now, Tim is smiling like it is truly money that he is winning!     866.436.5703  Video

Lee Dewyze:    He sang ‘A Little Less Conversation’.  Adam thinks that he is great, but he encouraged him to ‘perform’ when he is on the stage and ‘play’ when you are out there.   Adam feels that If Lee just smiles and connects a little more, he can go far.  I totally am digging on Lee’s voice and if he learns to ‘play’ when on stage, his future should be very bright.  Even if he doesn’t win, pretty sure that he has a record deal.  Randy loved that he is in the zone.  Another great amazing performance. He loves it.  Very good.  Ellen thought he made it sound like a new song.  Better and better.  He owned the stage.  Kara thought that he really went for it.  She would like to see him play and be looser.  Vocal was fire.  Simon challenged her on this, because it is about nailing the song, not about skipping on the stage and playing with Kittens.     866.436.5701  Video

Aaron Kelly:  He sang ‘Blue Suede Shoes’. Adam thought he underestimated Aaron’s voice.  He has a great voice.  Adam thinks that Aaron doesn’t believe in himself enough.  Aaron isn’t sure if the song fits him, but he is going to come out and have fun tonight.  Aaron sounded pretty good, but I know they will ding him on being karoake.   I liked the end when he put the blues spin on it.  Randy asked about why he questioned this song for himself.  He wished that he had done the bluesy rendition all the way through.  Ellen gives him an A for effort.  Good job, not all the way there.  Kara liked that he was out of his comfort zone.  He was on edge.  Felt more current and young for him.  Simon disagreed.  Very old fashioned and arrangement.  Like a high school performance.  Very karoake.  Unlike the others, he didn’t deliver.  Simon wasn’t crazy about it.      866.436.5705  Video

Siobhan Magnus:  She sang ‘Suspicious Mind’.  Adam feels that she has the pipes, but he didn’t feel anything.  He encouraged her to up the tempo.  She flows better when the music is more upbeat.  Okay, the ending was pitchy as hell, but overall, it was a good try.  Randy acknowledged her risk taking, but when he broke into the slow part, he could really hear her vocals.  Ellen agreed that he liked the second half much better.  She liked it alot.  Kara felt like they picked up on how Siobhan has two voices.  The Screamer and the soft voice.  Kara is confused.  (Boos)  She wasn’t crazy about it.   Simon felt that she was like in a time machine and came out dated from 20 years ago.   Completely different person from who she has been.  He thought the first part was terrible.  The 2nd part was screechy and she didn’t hit the notes.  She has lost who she was.  Not a good performance.     866.436.5706  Video

Mike Lynche:  He sang ‘In The Ghetto’.  Siobhan encouraged Mike to chose this song.  Adam encouraged him to bring in some theatrics and Mike is hesitant, because of the Judges’ past critiques.  I’ve never heard this song, but I think I really like it.  Beautiful.  Randy thought it was hot, but sleepy song.  Ellen is glad they saved her.  Kara thought it was beautiful and he sang it well.  Simon thought it was a terrific choice of song and a million billion times better than last week.  866.436.5707   Video

Katie Stevens: She sang ‘Baby, What Do you want me to Do?’  Adam tried to bring some emotion into her performance, since she is supposed to be channeling her frustration that she experiences from the Judge’s critiques.  Adam feels that she needs to sell it a little bit more.  She needs to make us believe what she is saying.   I thought that Katie sounded good, but no emotion.  Randy thought that she had nice vocals.  Ellen thought it was a horn-y song.  lot of horns in it.  She also feels that Katie can really  sing.  Kara thought she did a great job.  Simon thought it was a little loud and annoying.  He didn’t like it much.   866.436.5708   Video

‘Glee ‘Cast Members are in the House.

Casey James:  He sang ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’.    Adam thought that Casey needed a little more interesting and give it more shape.  He is such a cutie.  Oh and he sings good too.   I always like when Casey rocks his guitar.  Good performance.  Randy thought he was in the zone.  solid performance.  Didn’t see anything different.  Ellen agreed, not as exciting, but always good.  Kara thinks there is so much more to you.  Capable of brillance.  Simon called it a wasted opportunity.  But the Vocals were good.  866.436.5709   Video