Last night was the first ever time where the Contestants were scored in two areas: Technical and Performance and Len is still tickled pink about it.


Chad and Cheryl are safe.

Jake and Chelsie are safe.

Len’s Recap

Erin’s Tango went wrong last night and it never recovered. 

Evan’t Tango was pleasing.

Niecy’s Rumba had no highlights.

Aiden’s Rumba was a tad bit wooden.

Nicole’s nerves got the better of her in the Rumba.

Jake sacrificed quality to go for attack.

Kate had her best dance so far.  (really)

Chad felt at home in his Rumba and he was confident.

Pam was sensational in her Rumba.

Repeat performance

Pam and Damien got the Nod to repeat.

Guest Performance

The lovely Sade performed ‘Baby Father’ which just happens to be my Favorite song from her new CD ‘Soldier of Love’.  Must be my Birthday.  Chelsie & Damien perform

Liter Board

Kate and Tony- 32

Aiden and Edyta- 33

Niecy and Louis-36

Jake and Chelsie- 38

Erin and -39

Chad and Cheryl- 44

Pamela and Damien- 47

Nicole and Derek-  50

Evan and Anna- 52


Evan and Anna are safe.

Footage of the Stars performing when they young.  A little insight into what shaped them into our Pros.

Guest Performance

Young Dancers performed a Routine Choreographed by Mark Ballas


Nicole and Derek are safe.

Pamela and Damien are safe.

Guest Performance

Tyler Peck & Nuttin But Strings

Guest Performance

Sade returned to sing one of her classics ‘Sweetest Taboo’


Erin and Maks

Kate and Tony

It is down to Aiden & Edyta and Niecy & Louis

Final Eliminations:

Aiden & Edyta are going home.  Aww….I really liked him and he was really easy on the eyes.  All I can say is there must be hella TLC fans watching keeping Kate on.