The Opening was pretty dramatic tonight showing the saving of Michael Lynche last week and clips of the performances last night.  And of course, tonight there will be a double elimination!    Video

Over 34 Million votes came in last night.  Brooke White and Justin Gaston will perform.  Mentor Adam Lambert will take the stage and Rock it out no doubt.   American Idol takes it to a higher level next week!  Alicia Keys will be the Guest Mentor as the Contestants take on Inspirational Songs to get ready for American Idol Gives Back. 

The Contestants performed a Medley of Elvis Presley songs.    Video

Ford Commercial “Light and Day/Reach for the Sun”  Video


Casey is asked to stand, followed by Aaron and then Andrew.  They are all asked to come to the center of the stage.  Ryan reviewed the contestants’ song choices and their critiques.  But when he got to Andrew and he asked him about last night, Ryan ended it with ‘It’s the end of the Road for you’.  Damn…That was cold! I swear Ryan gets some perverse pleasure doing this.   Andrew is eliminated.  Video

Ryan reminded us that you can donate to at anytime and $10 can make such a difference.  We were shown a clip of Elliott Yamin and Kara Dioguardi traveling  to Africa to show the progress and difference that Idol Gives Back has made and deliver Bed Nets to protect the people from Malaria infected Mosquitos  Video.   Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Sir Elton John,  Joss Stone are just some of the names that have confirmed for Idol Gives Back.

Guest Performance

American Idol Alum Brooke White (I really liked Brooke, she has great energy) and Justin Gaston performed a duet ‘If I Can Dream’.  Video  This could have been a great solo for Brooke.  Just serious.


Lee, Siobhan, Katie, Michael, Crystal are asked to come to the center of the floor.

Lee reports that he feels that he is getting into his zone on stage.   Siobhan is just given a recap by Ryan of last night.   Katie Stevens feels that she is getting better and learning from this experience.  Michael Lynche explained that his save last week makes him extremely grateful for being here.  Crystal and Tim are given Recaps of their performances.

Crystal is Safe and she has a seat.

Siobhan is also safe and she joins Crystal.

Lee is safe and Ryan congratulates him.

Tim, Michael or Katie are in Limbo.

Guest Performance

Adam Lambert Performs ‘Whataya Want From Me’.  Video.   Adam as always gives a great performance.  This man is such a showman!  Ryan is so right, when he says ‘Now That’s a Performance’. 

After Adam’s awesome performance, Tim is sent to safety.  Even Simon is clapping.

It is down to Michael and Katie.  Ryan announces that Michael wasn’t even in the bottom 3.

Katie is leaving!  Video

 She does a great job as she sings her way out!  Such a strong voice.