Tonight is Movie Night!  The Stars will dance to themes to Hit songs from Movies.  I’m already knowing that ‘Grease’ is in here. 

I’m still hating that Aiden went home last week.  Such a Cutie!

Niecy & Louis:   Their theme was ‘La Bamba’.  One of My favorites!  They danced ‘The Jive’.  Last week, Niecy’s Rumba was boring and she is determined to show that she is anything but that.  They are faced with a challenge of helping Niecy stay focused.  She knows that her ‘tomfoolery’, ‘cutting up’, jiving and so on and so on have to stop.  Tonight, they had a pretty good time, but the dancing was not always on task.  Needed more bounce and sharpness.  But I enjoyed it.  She ended it with planting a big kiss on Len’s head.  Funny.  Len thought that she got her personality into the dance at last.  The dance was a little soft, should have been more bounce in her feet, plenty in her bazookas.  Bruno thought that there was so much going on upstairs that it was difficult to look at anything else.  but she has to be sharper in her movements.  Props to Louis for taking responsibility for a mis-step.  Carrie proclaimed her the Shimmy Queen, but the other Judges are right, she should be sharper!  (MAC-6), Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Bruno-6=18  800.868.3405  Video

Chad & Cheryl: This week they danced The Quickstep to the theme of ‘The Jungle Book.  Last week, Chad proved that he was a Contender.  In practice, Chad was on Cheryl to reveal what was bothering her.  She would only reveal that she is under alot of pressure.  I agree with Cheryl that it looks like Chad requires a whole lotta look at me time.  I didn’t like the beginning, seemed a little odd.  Parts of this worked pretty well, but it was just okay.  I usually enjoy them more.  Bruno thought it was a little too wild.  Lost the hold.  Frame was terrible.  Fell to pieces.  Carrie thought it was strange.  Very uneven.  Looked like they had fun.  Some parts worked and others didn’t.  Len thought it was bright and lively.  Improvement in posture.  Overall, pretty good job.  (MAC-6) Carrie Ann- 6, Len-6, Bruno-6=18  800.868.3401  Video

Erin & Maks: This week, they danced ‘The Jive’ to the theme of ‘Pulp Fiction’.  I’m intrigued before they begin.  Last week, their Tango was not a Judge Pleaser.  So of course, this week, they will need to bring it.  Erin is pretty juiced about the high energy of ‘The Jive.  Max threw a temper tantrum when Erin didn’t follow directions.  They really look like a couple.  Looks like foreplay.  I thought this would be a great routine, but it wasn’t.  The beginning started really slow and Max read that Menu just a little too long.  But when they really started the high energy, things got better.  They just didn’t quite seem like they were on the same page.  Their movements weren’t on time.   Cute, but just okay.  Carrie Ann liked it.  She thought they delivered, but it was hard to watch.  She was ahead of the beat and Max.  Len thought the beginning was to slow, he was initially irritated about the slow beginning, but when they kicked off, he enjoyed it.  At times it got too hectic, trying to keep up with the music.  Overall, he liked it.  Bruno thought it was his best timing ever.  Best way to go Erin.  (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-8=22  800.868.3403  Video   Are they having a relationship?  Watch and judge  Video

Jake & Chelsie:  This week, they danced ‘The Cha Cha’   to a Risky Business’  Themed dance.  Last week, their Tango was very messy.  Chelsie is trying to get him out being too analytical and just feel the dance.  Jake’s footwork was a mess, but he is so likeable, I didn’t even care.  The most entertaining dance tonight. Len loves that he gives his all.  The feeling was fun.  Pity that he had a little incident.  Bruno asked him why he put his pants on.  His energy was incredible.  He was so exciting.  He is so much fun.  Carrie Ann loved it.  He has got the guts and the glory.  (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann-  800.868.3404  Video

Pamela & Damien:  They danced ‘The Quickstep’ to a ‘9 to 5’ theme.  Last week, Pamela sold the Judges with her spicy Rumba.  Pamela continues to impress me every week.  This was a great Quickstep.  It was fun and she nailed Dolly Parton.  But I am sure that Len will ding them for that long skit at the beginning.  Bruno loves how Pamela is spot on with her Characterization each week.  And her dancing was good too.   Carrie Ann also loves her Characterization and she can totally see Pamela on Broadway.  But her hold was a little loosey goosey (who says this?).  Len hated the skit and he thought that they wasted time.  What little dancing there was, he thought was good. (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Bruno-8=23  800.868.3411Video

Kate & Tony:  They danced ‘The Foxtrot’ to ‘The ‘Breakfast Club’ theme.  Last week, the Judges were delusional and thought that Kate had a breakthrough moment.  In practice, Kate was complaining so much, I felt incredibly sorry for Tony.  The only time I see Tony smile is when the Judges rip into Kate’s dancing.  Tony is going to be grinning like a bag of Doritos tonight.  I do think that last week’s feedback boosted Kate’s confidence, because she actually looks happy.  But this dance is the worst of the night.  It is so boring.  Ooh, I get it, Tony is really trying to get her sent home tonight.  Carrie Ann said that she can see an itsy bitsy bit of grace developing, but she likened Kate’s dancing to the ‘blah,blah, blah’ of the Teachers on ‘Charlie Brown’.  She never forms a sentence (ouch).  Len thought that it was neat and precise.  He really liked that she didn’t use props.   Bruno thought that Tony could get more movement from a Coat hanger and a frock (ouch).  He thought that she was taking a step back with this catatonic dance.  She needs to take the Judge’s feedback and use it.  (MAC-4), Carrie Ann-5, Len-5, Bruno-5=15.  800.868.3410  Video

Nicole & Derek:  They danced ‘The Tango’ to ‘Pretty Woman’  Last week, Nicole’s nerves got the best of her.  She took it hard.  They went to Beverly Hills to get into character and did the Rodeo Drive scene.   Their  total came to over $27,000 and they ran out the store.  Cute.  I loved the beginning of this dance.  Sassy.  Nicole is back tonight.  Her nerves are gone.  This was a fabulous dance.  Sexy and precise.    Great Technique.  Len thought it was her best dance and best dance of the season.  Bruno thought they were two players of the top of the game bursting with sexual tention.  Played to perfection.  Carrie Ann thought that they were  The lines were incredible.  Dynamic.  Every moment Fantastic!  (MAC-10) Carrie Ann-10, Len-9 (such a hater), Bruno-10=29  800.868.3408   Video

Evan and Anna:  They performed a ‘Rumba’ to an ‘Armageddon’ themed dance.  Last Monday, they were the top scorers last week.  In practice, Evan was challenged with the hip action of The Rumba.  At times, he gets silly, but he is really likeable too.  Anna is no nonsense in rehearsal.  They danced a good dance tonight.  Great connection and it was beautiful to watch.  Bruno thought that his top  lines were exquisite.  Like a Ballet Dancer  Superb.  Hips are getting better, but sometimes they stop a little.  Has to keep them moving like his top half  which is superb.  Carrie Ann thought the motion was beautiful.  Superb.  Len thought it has Artistry, musicality, fluidity.  Wonderful. Well done.  He thought  they did a Great job.   (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9=27   800.868.3406  Video

Top of The Board:  29 out of 30  Nicole & Derek

Bottom of The Board:  15 out of 30  Kate & Tony

Weak Links: KATE & Chad