The Stars of 80’s Comedy ‘Who’s The Boss’ have aged well over the years. You know what I like best?  There aren’t any tragic stories.  Everyone is okay!  No drugs and they all seem to like each other.  Not many 80’s sitcoms can say that!  Especially with kids on it.  Check Them out!

Alyssa Milano is probably the most active in the Celebrity world.  She is one of the lucky child Actors who transitions well into an Adult Actor.  From Who’s The Boss, she went on to star on ‘Charmed’.  She is currently on the new ABC sitcom ‘Romantically Challenged’.  Alyssa married David Bugliari in August 2009.  This is her second marriage.
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Tony Danza also starred in ‘Taxi’ and hosted his own Television Talk Show.  He was a Professional Boxer in the late 1960’s.   He has been married 3 times and he has 5 children.  His wife’s name is Andrea Micelucci.  Tony is 58.  He looks great!
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I loved Katherine Helmond’s character Mona Robinson.  She was incredibly sassy!  She has had great roles on other sitcoms as well:  Benson, Soap and Everybody loves Raymond.  She is a Golden Globe Winning Actress.  Ms. Helmond is 81 and she has been married to David Christian since 1962.
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Judith light has appeared on ‘One Life To Life’ and has a reoccuring role on ‘Law and Order: SVU’ and ‘Ugly Betty’.  She is a avid gay rights Activist.  Judith is 61 and she has been married to Robert Desiderio for 26 years.
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Danny Pintaura appeared on ‘As the World Turns’ and ‘Cujo’.  He is a Stanford Graduate.  In 1997, Danny revealed that he is gay.  Danny says that Tony and Judith are like parents to him.
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