Tomorrow is American Idol Gives Back.  Tomorrow there will be a two hour Star Studded AIGB.  Fittingly, Alicia Keys will be the Mentor tonight, since she is so very concerned about the community and she is such a great Philanthropist.  She will be Mentoring the Idols on Inspirational Songs.  Nice 

Casey James:  He sang ‘Dont Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac.  Alicia encouraged him to be present and reminded him that people need to say they loved Casey’s Song.  Not, I love that song.  So true.   I enjoyed Casey’s performance as I always do.  But I don’t know if he brought anything new, but I loved the guitar solo and I am a Fan.  Randy thought it was a good performance, not the best.  Would like to see something else.  Same thing each week.  Ellen thought it was great guitar playing.  But he needs to be great.  It was good.  Kara reminded him of how he was different with ‘Jealous Guy’.  But he was just like everyone else tonight.   She is frustrated with him.  Simon didn’t think it was inspirational.  No originality.  Lazy song choice.  Sang it with no emotion and he doesn’t think he is stepping his game up.  (ouch)  Video  888.436.5701.

Lee Dewyze:  He sang ‘The Boxer’ by Simon and Garfunkel.    Alicia explains to him that people have to feel that he is that boxer and make them feel something.  As always Lee delivers.  He doesn’t have to groove all over the stage.  If he wants Lee can stand in one spot and sing.  This guy is hot and he has soooo much talent.  Randy thinks that he is a great Artist who will have a big career.  Ellen thought it was a beautiful song choice.  So much depth.  Best performance by far. (its the 2nd song)  Kara thinks that tonight was his moment and it shows the difference of when someone is connected to a song.  He is on another level.  Simon agreed best of the night.  That was sincere,emotional and inspirational.  He made this song sound like it was written a week ago.  Absolutely Brilliant.  888.436.5702.  Video

Tim Urban:  He sang ‘Better Days’ by Goo Goo Dolls.  Alicia really liked this song for Tim and encouraged him to reiterate some of the words and let people be inspired.  Pretty good Tim performance.  Randy thought this song was an interesting choice.  It was okay Karoake.  Sounded Okay.  Ellen compared him to the soup of the day.  Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn’t and today she didn’t like it.  Kara thinks he has found himself.  But he is still figuring it out.  Simon thought that if we saw this 3 weeks ago, this would have been great .  He does think he has improved over the weeks, but a little bit of a let down.  888.436.5703  Video

Aaron Kelly:  He sang ‘I believe I can Fly’ by R. Kelly.  Alicia thinks this a huge song, it could be overkill.  When he hits the ‘fly’ at the end, it has to feel like nothing can stop him from flying.  If he can almost be crying by the end of the song, he will take it to another place.  Hmmm….This song was too big for Aaron’s voice.  I felt like when you are at a Graduation and someone from the School Choir gets up to sing.  This wasn’t good for Aaron.  He is better than this and it is pitchy as all get out.  Randy thought he picked a giant song and the arrangement was a little funny.  Thinks he did a good job on such a big song.  Ellen thinks he can fly and he handled it really well.  Kara thought that he was flying by the end of the song.  Simon judged it in two parts: knowing him and liking him & in the real world, he would have turned it off on the radio in 10 seconds.    And Aaron says that the first time he sang that he was at a Pre-school Graduation.  I rest my case. 888.436.5704.   Video

Siobhan Magnus:  She Sang ‘When You Believe’ by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey.   Alicia feels that Siobhan’s high note is her Money spot and she  is very impressed with her.   Big song, I’m nervous for her.  She started out pretty good, but when she hit the falsetto, I don’t know if it ever really recovered.  Nice high notes towards the end.  Some parts worked.  Randy thought she picked the toughest song of the night.  But he doesn’t know why she picked it.  It was Just okay.  Ellen disagreed.  This is why she is here.  Kara thought that technically may have been really well sung, but it started to sound like a Musical.  Kara feels like she still doesn’t know who she is.  Week after week, she is feeling like she would want to hang out with her and not buy her records.   Simon agreed with Randy.  This was not the right song for her.  He thought the leaves distracted him on the close ups (funny, I thought the same thing).  The other Judges let him know they are Butterflies.  (oh for Mariah).  He thought it was odd and a pity.  (ouch)  888.436.5705Video

Michael Lynche:  He sang ‘Hero’ by Chad Kroeger. Alicia liked that he took a song that is stylistically different and make it their own.  Can I just say that Michael is for real in it to win it!  Ever since he almost got sent home, he has been bringing his A Game.  I am inspired!  Randy was worried about this song choice, but he held his on.  It worked out.  Ellen thought he did great.  Kara did not think he cut through.  Song was not recognizable.  Simon thinks he sang it pretty well.  The theme is about inspirational and this was about Spiderman.  Felt artificial, didn’t quite gel for him.  But he thinks that he will be around next week.  (Me too)  888.436.5706.  Video

Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘People Get Ready’ by Curtis Mayfield.  Crystal is one of Alicia’s favorites.  Crystal is so fabulous, it is ridiculous.  She totally changed the arrangement.  Absolutely beautiful and she started crying at the end.  loved the acapella beginning.  Randy gave her a standing O.  That is how you do it.  Ellen thought she looked and sounded beautiful.  Kara thanked her for taking a risk and putting down her guitar and taking a chance.  Simon thought it was inspirational.  Happy to see her emotional.  Fantastic singing.  Completely different class than everything else they heard tonight.  Crystal revealed that her Dad is here and she was just like ‘Thank The Lord’.  (I just like her so much).  888.436.5707.  Video