DWTS waste no time in getting down to business.  They bring down Nicole and Derek  & Kate and Tony down to the Floor.  Nicole and Derek are safe!!!  And Kate and Tony are in the Bottom 2! 

Len’s Recap:

Len feels that All three of these Dancers are good, but they need to be great.   Erin’s Jive was satisfying once it kicked in.  Jake’s Cha Cha made his a Leading Man in the Competition.   Pamela’s Quickstep was closer to a 5  than a 9 (ouch).

Len feels these couples that are at the bottom, they really need to improve.   Niecy’s Jive was a lacklusting performance.   Chad’s Quickstep lacked technique and Wow factor.    Kate’s Foxtrot didn’t have enough going on.  Should be dancing, not strolling.

Len loves how Nicole and Evan are excelling.   Evan’s Rumba was high standard.    Nicole’s Tango had Len hooting!  He loved it.  

Repeat Performance

Jake and Chelsie got the nod to repeat their Cha Cha.

Guest Performance

Maxwell performed ‘Fistful of Tears’

Where The Contestants Stand

Kate and Tony- 15

Chad & Cheryl-18

Niecy and tony-18

Pamela & Damien-21

Aaron and Maks-22

jake and Chelsie-23

Evan and Anna-27

Nicole and Derek-29


Chad and Cheryl are in jeopardy!

Niecy and Louis are safe!

Adam Carolla’s Analysis (video coming)

Macys’ Passport Dancers with special arrangement by Mrs. Debbie Allen  (Video coming)

Guest Performance:  Debbie Nova

The Stars designed the Pros costumes for the  Upcoming Swing Marathon


Jake & Chelsie are still in jeopardy!

Evan & Anna are safe!

Erin & Maks are safe!

Pamela & Damien are in Jeopardy!

Tensions Mount!

Jake and Chelsie, & Chad and Cheryl are safe!

The Bottom 2 

Kate & Tony and Pamela & Damien. 

 Final Elimination:

Kate goes home!! 

I felt America got it right, but jeez, I hate to see people cry!  Is it just me or does Tony look really happy?  Is he pretending to look a little distraught?