DWTS is loving their #1 ratings and they are announcing it every week!  Last week, we said good bye to Kate and Tony!  I’m wondering, how many viewers were tuning in to watch Kate and how it will affect the ratings.

Tonight, the Contestants take on the Argentine Tango or the Samba.  And tonight for the first time,  they will be judged side by side in a Swing Marathon.   All the Dancers are struggling with having to dance two numbers this week.

Jake and Chelsie:  They danced ‘The Samba’.   Last week, Jake scored big with his Cha Cha.  In practice, Chelsie took him to meet some real Samba dancers for inspiration.  Jake wants to improve enough to close the gap between him and Nicole & Evan.  He wants to be taken seriously as a Contender in this contest.   Tonight, Jakes’ Samba was pretty good, you can tell that he is really trying.  Ooh…he tripped.  But he kept it moving.  Initially, he looked like he was thinking and counting his moves way too hard, but after that stumble, he actually improved and looked more natural.   Len thinks that he is showing more confidence, but he has to have rhythm in the Samba.  Well done.  Bruno thought it lacked rhythm and bounce, except for the pelvic gyrations, but  he didn’t wiggle correctly.  Carrie Ann thinks that he pushes himself to the max, but he needs to connect to the music.  (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-   7, Len-7, Bruno-7= 21- (plus 4 for SM)= 25      800.868.3404     Video

Evan and Anna:  They danced ‘The Samba.’    Last week, Evan scored his highest score of the Season.  In practice, Evan and Anna got a little closer than most.  He really had to work on his hip action.  Unfortunately, Anna was trying to flip Evan and he hit his head.  After going to the  ER, it was discovered that he has a Concusssion, but he can still dance.  He recovered well.  What a great and fun dance.  Evan is really becoming a skilled dancer.  Loved it.  Bruno loved his devilish side, but he didn’t think his lines were correct for this dance.  Pretty to look at, but not right for this dance.  Carrie Ann thought he lost the battle with this dance.  Loves his lines, but it didn’t suit this dance.  Len thought it was his worst dance and likened his moves to Carnival and ballet dance.  He thought that this was the one dance that didn’t suit him.  I hear what the Judges are saying, obviously, they would recognize what is correct….but from my amatuer view, I loved it!   (MAC-8  )  Carrie Ann-  7 , Len- 7, Bruno-7  =  21  (plus 6 for SM)= 27      800.868.3406   Video

Niecy and Louis:    They danced ‘The Tango”.   Last week, Niecy’s Jive had too much bounce in the the bazookas and not enough in her feet.  In practice, Louis pushed her to dance as good as he knows that she can.  She cracked me up in the practice.  They decided to put a cominc flair to their Tango, I hope that Len will appreciate it.  Because other than the occasional laughs, I thought that this is definitely Niecy’s best dance and I loved the cookie at the end.  Comic relief.  Standing O.   Carrie Ann said that it was nice to see her really dancing.  She was firm and her lines were strong.  She loved that they went for the lifts.  She didn’t think that they needed the comedy.  Len actually liked the comedy and he didn’t think it interfered.  He got a little insulting saying that it was obvious that she was an enthusiastic Eater, so it made sense that she would chase a cookie.  Bruno thought that he could see how hard that she worked on her footwork, but lacked a little intensity.  (Whatever) (MAC-8)  Carrie Ann-   7, Len-7, Bruno-7= 21 (plus 5 for SM) =26       800.868.3405     Video

Erin and Maks:     They danced ‘The Samba’.  Last week, Erin’s Jive satisfied the Judges.  Erin really wants to keep up with Maks, but she needs to stop over thinking every little thing.  First things first, I really like her outfit tonight.  Feather skirts are underrated and I love that Maks took his shirt off.  That said, this was a good dance, but the beginning was kind of rocky there!  Once she got going, I thought that she had pretty good hip action going on and Maks did take his shirt off, so….  .  Len thinks that she is a good dancer and apparently he blames Maks for not delivering better Choreography.  He also was pretty pissed that Maks took off his shirt (really?)  Len feels that Erin should be Nicole and Evan’s competition, but Maks is holding her back from doing well.    Bruno thought that she did it well tonight.  He thought it was exciting.  Carrie Ann thought that she nailed it.  She loved it.    (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann-9   , Len- 7, Bruno- 9 = 25   (plus 9 for SM)= 33      800.868.3403    Video

Chad and Cheryl:  They danced ‘The Tango’.  Last week, Chad’s Quickstep fell apart quickly.  Chad thinks that the Judges are very hard on him.  He went back to Cincinnati to re-energize and get some positive energy from his fans.   In practice, Chad, really needs to Man handle Cheryl and be in charge.  I’m thinking that this dance is tailor made for Chad.  I thought that this was a good Tango, but there was nothing exciting about it.  The Judges thought otherwise.  Bruno thought this was the revenge of Ocho Cinco.  Bruno thought that tonight, he proved he can dance.  This is why they have been hard on him, because they knew that he had it in him.   Carrie Ann clarified that they were hard on him, because he wasn’t dancing that good (ouch).  Tonight, he danced well.  Len feels that he grew tonight as a Dancer.     (MAC- 7 )  Carrie Ann-  8 , Len-  8, Bruno-8  =  24  (Plus 7 for SM)= 31      800.868.3401    Video

Nicole and Derek:    They danced ‘The Samba’.   Last week, Nicole scored two 10’s, so she was kinda tripping in rehearsal and she was scared to let loose.  Gotta keep the top spot.    Looks like she got over her fears, because she definitely had the best Samba of the night.  Standing O.  Carrie Ann thought it was just so good that it was ridiculous.  Maybe, she can change her facial expressions?  Len thinks she is misinformed.  The difficulty level and performance was great.  But the end was disappointing and it was missing crucial dance steps.  He can’t accept it as an authenic Samba (that is so hard  to believe).  It was just a Hodge-podge of sexy moves and gyrations.   Bruno thought  that the dance was superlative.  Watching her makes him sizzle with desire.  He thinks that Nicole has nothing to worry about.   (MAC-9  )  Carrie Ann-  9 , Len- 7, Bruno-10  = 26   800.868.3408  (plus 10 for SM)= 36      Video

Pam and Damien:  They danced ‘The Argentine Tango’.  Last week, her Quickstep didn’t have enough to satisfy Len.  Pam is a little bummed that she was in the bottom two again.   Tonight, Pam wore a horrible brunette Wig and I’m not sure what that is about, but back to the dancing.  Something about this dance just really fell short and it seemed incredibly awkward at times.  Hmm….don’t know.  Len thinks she does seduction well, but it was a bit scruffy and raggedy at times, but good.  Bruno loved how well she played it.  loved to see how she takes on each Character.  Carrie Ann thought it was sexy, but she wanted to see more technique in her legs.  Very convincing on top, needed to see more from her down below.   (MAC- 6 )  Carrie Ann- 7 , Len- 7, Bruno-8  =  22  (plus 8 for SM)= 30    800.868.3411    Video

Swing Marathon:   You know how this goes, the contestants will dance side by side and be ranked by the Judges.  One by one they will be plucked out by the Judges.  The first pulled will receive the lowest vote, while the last couple standing will receive a 10.  The results:  Jake and Chelsie-4,  Niecy and Louis- 5, Evan and Anna-6,   Chad and Cheryl-7,  Pam and Damien-8, Erin and Maks-9, Nicole and Derek-10.  Video                                     

Weak Links:  Jake and Pam