Idol begins with Ryan announcing that Idol Gives Back Raised over 45 Million last week.  Excellent.  The top 6 take the stage and tonight hopefully we are in for a treat;  the Idols take on the Music of Country Superstar Shania Twain.   When they show the clip of Shania’s accomplishments, I was seriously impressed!  I knew that I liked her, but Damn, she really is the bomb!

Lee Dewyze– He Sang ‘You’re Still the One’.   Shania first met Lee in Chicago when she was a guest during the Auditions.  Shania thinks that Lee has a fantastic style that shouldn’t be buried behind his guitar.  I think that this was a good interpretation of the song.  I don’t know if he brought anything new.  I wasn’t Wowed by it.  Randy thought that it started out pitchy, but he found a way to make it his own.  Pretty good job.  Ellen thought that he did better than pretty good.  She loved it and she thinks that he looks cute.  Kara thinks that his voice on any song makes it sound really relevant.  She doesn’t know if he related to it as a love song, but good job.  Simon thought it was the perfect song out of Shania’s catelog.  Although, he had some pretty weird faces while he sang.  The rest of the Judges debated the face statement and ran out the rest of Simon’s remark time. 866.436.5701 or 866.436.5707  Video

Michael Lynche– He sang ‘It Only Hurts When I’m breathing’.  Shania was moved by Mike’s voice singing her song.  She thinks that he took it to another place and he will definitely make a connection when he performed.  I loved Michael’s voice on this song.  I love the sensitive beginning with him sitting on the stairs and then walking to the audience as the song picked up momentum.  So much emotion and passion.  I loved it!   And when they showed Shania and you could tell that  she loved it!   Nice! Randy loved that he really found his zone on this one.  He thought he did a great job and he knows who he is.  Ellen was a tiny bit nervous that he took on this song, but it felt like Luther Vandross singing the song.  Kara always feel that he is connected to the song that he sings.  She likes that he didn’t change it too much, but he put his mark on it.  Simon agreed with Ellen’s remark about Luther.  The performance was a little bit ‘wet’ (WTH).  It was a little bit girly for him…WTF?  Ryan noted how connected Shania seemed while Michael sang and she gushed that ‘he really got me’!  Nice!  866.436.5702 or 866.436.5708   Video

Casey James: He sang ‘ Dont’, because it is a beautiful song and he loves the lyrics.  Shania feels that Casey is a bit shy and hesitant and he needs to be really confident when he sings this song.    Casey brings his sensitivity to this performance.  I think that he did really good on this one and it was really nice to see him do something a little different.  Randy thought this was one of the best Casey James performance ever.  This could be a great way for him to perform.  Ellen thought he sang this like this is where he really performs.  Best performance to date.  Kara loved that he didn’t hide  who he was and like a True Artist, he showed who he was.  That’s what he needs to do and put him at the front of the competition.  Simon feels that this is his best performance so far.  This didn’t feel like someone elses song and he told him to come give Shania a kiss.  Cute.  866.436.5703 or 866.436.5709  Video

 Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘No One Needs To Know Right Now ‘.  Shania inspires Crystal with her positive energy and feels that she has an Aura about her at all times.  Crystal says that this is a message to her boyfriend.  Hmmm…This was okay.   More like the B side of a single that is a filler.  I wasn’t blown away.  Randy loved the band and that she did a Country version of Shania’s song.  Ellen didn’t feel it was her favorite performance, but she feels that she is brilliant.  Kara agreed with everyone else and she felt it was believable and that is why she liked it.  Simon said this was a ‘shocker, We don’t like Crystal this week’.  He thought that the performance was kind of limp and likened it to Coffee shop singing that you don’t want to hear.  The only week that he didn’t love her.   866.436.5704 or 866.436.5710  Video

Aaron Kelly: He sang ‘It’s in the Way You Love Me’.  Shania thinks this is a perfect song for him.  She doesn’t want him debating and thinking too much about his singing.  He needs to be confident in what he is doing.  This may be Aaron’s best performance.  I really enjoyed him and Shania is clapping hard for him.  Standing O.  Randy thinks this is his wheelhouse.  He did a really good job.  He is a Country Star on this show.  Ellen is very impressed with him about the amount of maturity that she showed and the emotion.  Kara agreed and she appreciated that he changed the lyrics about making love.  To which Aaron let us know that he was singing to his Mother. (How can you not like him)  Simon feels that tonight he was like a different Artist.  This is the kind of record that he should make.  Sincere and believable.  He thought that he did really well tonight.  Good Job.  Aaron’s face is so emotional, I got teary eyed for him!   866.436.5705 or 866.436.5711  Video

Siobhan Magnus:  She sang ‘Any Man Of Mine’. Shania encouraged her to put some attitude into the words.  She has to do that to make the song work.  I think that Siobhan rocked the house.  But the high scream got pitchy and was too long towards the end, but other than that, she seemed to own the song and her mojo was definitely on tonight.   Randy loved it and her Country Punk look.  Ellen loved that she pulled Shania Twain into the station.  good one.  Kara thought she was back.  Simon thought the screaming might have been a little much.  Sounded like she was giving birth.  But it was good.  866.436.5706 or 866.436.5712  Video

No real Weak Links tonight!