Our Top 5 take the Stage tonight!  Only 3 more weeks!  Dramatic beginning with Ryan walking down a flight of stairs introducing the remaining 5.  And at the bottom of the stairs (Just Color Me Happy),  Harry Connick Jr. is there.  Such a cutie!

Tonight, the Idols will have Mr. Connick to guide them as the Guest Mentor and he will help them interpret the songs of the Legendary Frank Sinatra.  Nice!   Harry will also be the Composer for the Idols tonight.   Now THAT is talent!!!  And of course his Band Members are in the house.  Harry is optimistic about tonight’s performances.  Video

Nancy and Tina Sinatra are in the house and they present Simon (who is a huge fan) one of Sinatra Monogramed Hankerchiefs.  Nice!

Aaron Kelly:  He sang ‘Fly Me To The Moon’.   Harry really like Aaron and his sweet voice.  He wishes him the best.  I think that Aaron did a pretty decent job.  His voice sounded good, but I think just the Huge Celebrity of Sinatra makes this very difficult to do for young Aaron.  Randy  thought that he did a really good job inspite of his youth.  Ellen thought the piano was a little pitchy.  She was worried for Aaron, but he pulled it off.  Beautiful vocals.  Kara thought it was good.  Compared to last week, not as strong.  She would like to see more charisma from him.   Constructive Criticism.  Simon agreed with Kara.  He adored Frank cause he was the King of Cool and swagger and Aaron didn’t have the conviction and he was  a bit corny. If Sinatra was a Lion, then Aaron is a mouse (ouch).   But people like him, because he does try hard.  (it kind of cracks me up how Judges totally cut someone down and then they say ‘but you were…  WTH) 866.436.5701  or   866.436.5706   Video

Casey James:  He sang ‘Blue Skies’.  Casey is a huge fan of Harry’s, so he loved being mentored by him.  Harry could tell that Casey was feeling the groove of the song and not just the lyrics.  He feels that Casey will have a blast.  Casey has the hair pulled back in a pony tail and he is looking kind of spiffy!  Aww…but Casey seemed pretty nervous and he wasn’t believable at all.  Whatever story he was trying to tell, he barely got to page 2.  And I like Casey.  Randy thought that this was his worst performance.  Pitchy all over the place.  Out of his zone.  Didn’t work.  Ellen thought it was a bad idea to have the piano on the page.  (joke)  She thought it was very stiff.  Didn’t feel effortless.  Kara thought it took him a long time to warm up and he got it at the end.  She thought he sounded like a little lamb.  (like Mary?  Ouch)  No bravado.  Simon didn’t think he was fantastic.  Seemed embarrassment and didn’t seem comfortable.  The good news is that Casey has a booking for next week.  (ouch)  This is a reference to Casey’s friend calling and offering him a gig where he will get  paid with food.  Wow…his life really has changed, if he was literally working for food a few months ago.   866.436.5702  or   866.436.5707  Video

Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘Summer Wind’.  Harry likes her connection to the song, although he doesn’t know why it means something to her.  I think that Crystal did pretty well and she has this fabulous elegant look tonight.  But I wasn’t moved by her tonight.  It was just okay tonight.  Good, but didn’t compare with her past performances.  Randy thought it was a great.  A little sleepy for him.  Nothing new.  Ellen was nervous initially and then she started singing.  Really impressed with her.  Kara thought it was out of her element, but she kind of liked it.  Simon loves this song, but he doesn’t know if he would have chose it for her.  1st half too small club, 2nd half was better.  He feels that she should be in it to win in. 866.436.5703   or    866.436.5708   Video

Michael Lynche:  He sang ‘The way You Look Tonight’.  Michael is at home this week, because he has performed with Bands for some time.  Harry encouraged him to sing this like he is singing it to his woman.  I love this song too, so I hope that he delivers it!  I think that he did just that.  Michael just has personality in everything that he does and that is what this song needed.   Randy thought that this performance was unbelievable.  He is in it to win it!  He threw down the gauntlet tonight!  Ellen feels that he seems to have been the most comfortable tonight  than anyone else.  Looks the part and sounded the part.  Very smooth.  Very good.  Kara thought he had all the drama of the song, but  he didn’t lose himself.  Simon thinks that this has been a tricky night with Harry and his band there.  He feels that he first 3 performances were okay, but Michael  just upped the game.  He listened and everything worked.  Fantastic! 866.436.5704  or 866.436.5709   Video

Lee Dewyze:  He sang ‘That’s Life’.  Harry really liked Lee and he confessed that his wife thinks that he is cute. Harry joked that she just sees a younger version with him.  I am truly feeling Lee’s interpretation of this one.  And he looks like he truly enjoyed himself and knows that he did the gosh darn thing.  Randy thought that this was a great arrangement and he loved that he stayed his Rocker self.  He loved it.  Ellen said that at first she was distracted by Harry’s Organ.  But if this were the last night, he would have won the whole thing.  Kara asked him if he thinks he can win.  He feels yes, he can.  She wants him to believe it, because he can win.  Simon congratulated Harry on his work tonight, because he helped bring out his personality and voice tonight.  By far, his best performance.  Lee had to go over and give him a big hug on that.  866.43.5705  or 86.436.5710  Video

Weak Links: Aaron and Casey