Last night, The contestants gave their all to hold their spot and a chance to win the coveted Disco Ball!  The Cha Cha Challenge made a difference in the scoring.


Nicole and Derek & Erin and Maks were asked to step forward.  One of these couples are in the bottom 2.  Really?

Erin and Maks are in the Bottom 2!  Nicole and Derek are safe!  Quite a way to start the show!  Tom has been hanging out with Ryan Seacrest.

Len’s Recap:

The dancers performed their best individual dances of the season.

Erin’s Quickstep was fabulous and her best dance of the Season.

Chad’s Waltz was smooth  & Gentle.

Nicole’s Waltz was difficult and lovely

Pamela’s Waltz was quiet and understated, but excellent in it’s own way.

Niecy’s Quickstep was a Knockout!

Evan’s Tango blew everyone out the Water!  And earned the perfect score of the season & the first 10 from Len!

The Cha Cha Teams were fantastic.  Team Gaga scored 27 points to Team Madonna scored 24 points.

Len feels this is the closest competition ever!  (He says that every season)

Repeat Performance:

Team Gaga with their Cha Cha Cha.  Pamela injured herself and Chelsie will fill in for her.  Video

Guest Performance:

Train performed ‘Hey Soul Sister’  Video

DWTS’ Liter Board:

Niecy & Louis: 49

Pamela & Damien: 51

Erin & Maks: 51

Chad & Cheryl: 52

Nicole & Derek: 54

Evan & Anna: 54


Chad and Cheryl & Evan and Anna are asked to step forward.

After last night’s vote, Evan and Anna are safe!  Chad and Cheryl are in jeopardy!!  Why you may ask?  Tom points out, ‘because that’s how they roll’.  Comic relief!

The Pros provided some insight into what the Stars are going through at this time.


Pamela and Damien & Niecy and Louis are up.

Niecy and Louis are safe.  Pamela and Damien are in jeopardy.

Melissa Rycroft  gave us some insight on the Behind the Scenes on DWTS.  Man, when you are DWTS and they like you….things are good.  You will always have a job!  Video

Macy’s Dancer’s pay homage to Elvis’   Viva Las Vegas.

Guest Performance: 

Train sings  ‘Drops of Jupiter’ Video


It’s down to Evan & Anna, Chad & Cheryl and Pamela & Damien

The next couple safe is Chad and Cheryl! 

Our Bottom 2 are Pamela & Damien and Erin & Maks

Oh man….tonight is Erin’s Birthday!  And her birthday wish comes true!

Pamela and Damien are eliminated!

We have reached the point where everyone is good and someone has got to go!  Pam had a good run and I enjoyed her!