Jamie Foxx mentors the Idols tonight and from his opening remarks, it looks like he is taking this pretty seriously.  He has a challenge for the contestants:  The contestants can either earn an ‘Artist’ or a Contestant T-shirt based on their performances.

Lee Dewyze:  He sang ‘Kiss From A Rose’ by Seal From ‘Batman Forever’.  Jamie got right in his Face and forced him to sing and deliver in front him.  Lee won the Artist T-shirt from Jamie.  I think everyone will get the Artist Shirt tonight, but Lee definitely deserves it.  Although this song did not fit his voice like I thought it would. There was something kind of hollow in his vocals tonight.  I thought he would nail it, but he was kind of there with his hammer in his hand ready.  Randy agrees with Jamie in one way, he is also looking for what kind of Artist the contestants will be.  He didn’t see what he did with this song.  Didn’t work for him.  Just okay.  Ellen feels that there could have been something else done with the song, but he is so good.  She loves him.  Kara pointed out how well he has done.  This song is so difficult and with the arrangement the way it was, it just didn’t work and it was pitchy, but it doesn’t take away from how great he is.  Simon is with Randy on this one.  He had so many great songs to choose from and make it his own. So, he doesn’t know why he picked this song.  To make sure that Lee felt really bad, Simon let him know that he would have given him the the Contestant shirt (ouch).  866. 436. 5701  or  866.436.5705   Video

Michael Lynche:  He sang ‘Will You Be There’ by Michael Jackson from ‘Free Willy’.    Jamie tried to get Michael to let go, so he could shine and even had him up dancing to get his guard down.  Jamie couldn’t give Michael the Artist T-shirt, because he didn’t know the words yet.  Michael refused to take the Arstist T-shirt to which Jamie laughed that Mike tried to punk him for the shirt.  Mike did a decent job.  He made the song his own and he had a little Sould Choir backing him up.  Randy wasn’t sure what is going on tonight.  This song could have taken off, but it didn’t.  Ellen thought that he couldn’t go wrong with a choir behind him.  She thought it was strange that his goal is to get into the top 3.  Should be to win.  A little predictable.  Kara is only thinking of his past performance, no goosebumps.  He played it safe.  Simon has no idea what ‘Free Willy’ is about.  After being  informed about the subject of the movie, he doesn’t see the connection.  He could have chosen any song, so he doesn’t see why he picked it.  But he thought that he gave 100% and he felt that he meant it.    866. 436. 5702  or  866.436.5706      Video


Crystal and Lee:  They sang ‘Falling Slowly’ by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from ‘Once’.   I’ve never heard this song, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.  So, on face value.  I wasn’t blown away by it.  I wouldn’t have picked it for them.  Randy thought it was great.  He thought it could be a hit right now amazing.  Ellen thought they were the New Captain and Tenille.  Kara thought it was a favorite moment of the season.  Great chemistry and support of each other.  Brought out the best in each other.  Simon called it a fantastic song.  I guess I will have to rewind and listen to it again.   Video

Casey James:  He sang ‘Mrs. Robinson’ by Simon and Garfunkel from ‘The Graduate’ .  Jamie needed Casey to seduce him and really getting into the performance.  He got an Artist shirt.  Jamie has let his hair down and he is being intimate with his guitar.  I don’t know if he is seducing anyone, but this was an efficient performance.  It must be really difficult to put your stamp on Cinema Songs.  Randy needed to know why he picked this song and there are alot of reasons that may point to Kara.  He thought he sounded cool and laid back.  Nothing great about it.  Ellen wishes they would have given him a big boy guitar.  She wishes that he would have went a little further with it.  Kara thought this is where he is fighting to stay in the competition.  She thought this was a good choice going away from what is natural and easy for him.  Simon needed Kara to explain the subject of the movie.  Simon didn’t think that the song or the performance had the substance required for the competition at this point.  There have been some strange song choices and that was one of them.  (ouch)     866. 436. 5703  or  866.436.5707   Video

Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘I’m Alright’ by Kenny Loggins from ‘Caddyshack’.  In practice, Crystal was a little intimidated by Jamie.  So he encouraged her to relax and she got the ‘Artist’  t-shirt.  Again, I don’t know this song, but I really liked Crystal’s interpretation of it.  Yeah, she got the ‘Artist’ shirt tonight.  Best performance so far.  Randy loves that she switched it up.  She made it interesting and it fit her.  Ellen thought it was Crystalized.  She thought she made the song better.  Kara completely agreed with Ellen and Randy.  She is an Artist.  Simon doesn’t want to know what that movie is about, but Crystal is back in the game.  866. 436. 5704  or  866.436.5708   Video


Casey and Mike:  They Sang ‘Have You Ever Really loved a Woman’ by Bryan Adams from ‘Don Juan DeMarco’.   They are both singing with their guitars and I think I like it.  No one picked an outstanding song to show off their strengths, but this was a good performance and I thought that they sounded good.  Randy loved the guitar playing.   Nice one.  Casey was shakey in the beginning, but when Mike came in it all worked out.  Ellen said as a matter of fact, she has loved a Woman.  Kara thought it was great.  Simon thinks that they should give the Artist T-shirts to the Duets tonight, because that was really good.  Video

Weak link?  Based on tonight’s performance:  Casey and Lee