The show opened with some dramatic footage of the Top Four proclaiming why they should win American Idol.   Bonjovi, Daughtry and Fantasia will perform tonight.  American Idol is serious about packing in all the talent that they can in one hour.  Ryan made a mention that The American Idol Tour Tickets will  go on sell soon.

Guest Performance

Fantasia performed ‘Bittersweet’.  She looked good (she could have done without the spandex pants), because when she started showing up in public with all that multi- colored hair…..I was worried.  Fantasia talked about her new album and her main message is that it’s time for her to have an album out.  And funny how time flies.  Her little girl is now 9 years old.  She was two, the last time Fantasia performed.   Video

Ford Music Video:  ‘Put the Message in a Bottle’  Video

Ryan introduced a clip of past Top 3 Idols going home and being honored by their Hometown.  This is a huge week for the Idol Hopefuls when it will decided if they will make it to have that experience.  Video

Ryan asked what he is looking forward to?  Getting home to his Puppy, Family and smelling the Salty sea air.  Crystal is looking forward to seeing family and performing with other local Artists.  Lee would like it to be him in the clip and being able to sit in his Parents living room.  Casey would like to see friends and family & his puppy dogs.  He would like to hear some people say ya’ll.  So Country cute!

The Families of the contestants are on the stage and they are just as pleased as punch.


Ryan gave a recap of the duet that Mike and Casey & then Crystal & Lee performed. 

Casey is safe and in the Top 3.  At this moment, I know that Big Mike is going home.  Video

Guest Performance:

Daughtry performs ‘September’  VideoChris is still moved by performing in front of large crowds, but he still reflects on how great it is to have wonderful memories of his simple childhood.  He also urged the Idols to stay true to themselves when they perform.


Recap of Mike’s performance and how he missed expressing himself as an Artist.  Mike is looking pretty dejected.  I think that he has lost his fight.  He’s a real talent, so I hope that he finds it really quickly. 

Recap of Lee’s performance and how the Judge’s likened his performance to Karoake.  Lee insists that he put everything into his performance and didn’t feel it was Karoake.

Recap of Crystal’s performance.  She got good reviews overall from the Judges.  Simon feels that she has a real shot.

Lee is safe and in the Top 3.  Video

Guest Performance

Bon Jovi performs ‘Superman’ and talks about their longevity.  Video


Lee and Casey are happy that they are sitting on the couches, but relieved that they aren’t standing and facing eliminations.  They also feel sorry for Mike and Crystal.

I really feel sorry for Mike, because it is pretty obvious that he is going home.

And it is official, Michael Lynche is voted off of American Idol.  This is the hard part of the show, someone has to go each week and at this point, it is someone that we like.   Video

Kara urges him to keep singing and writing, because he has got it. 

Watching Mike sing out, reminded me of  Wanda Sykes Lol   Video